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Additional Terms and Conditions for Bloggers using Blogads Yield Optimization Service

Bloggers with one or more Blogads adstrips live on their site may elect to participate in the optional Blogads Yield Optimization Service (BYOS). Blogads will fill unsold inventory on Your site with third party advertising and other revenue opportunities delivered through one or more Third Party Platforms.

To apply to join BYOS, please write

1. BYOS provides additional advertising revenue to bloggers by filling unsold ad inventory in their Rectangle, Leaderboard, and Blogads ad units. When the BYOS option is elected for a Blogads adstrip, a 160x600 ad will be served below the direct sale adstrips when there is not another hi-rise adstrip running.

2. You agree that you will not modify or alter the ad code in your adstrip. Your further agree that you will not put place the ad code on any other website except for the domain appearing on the Blogads order page or in any non-Blogads ad zone.

3. You agree you will not include in the content of Your websites any content that is obscene, defamatory, illegal, deceptive, gambling-related, or hateful.

4. You agree that you will not create either (i) "Forced visit" traffic or spyware/adware loading pages which load Ads, (iii) create invisible or nested invisible IFRAMEs loading pages which load Ads, (iv) use spyware/adware loading ads invisibly (often, with fake clicks), or (v) reload/refresh any code causing multiple impressions to be registered in short succession, or any other behaviors that artificially inflate clicks, impressions or other advertiser results for advertisements served on your website through Blogads.

5. You agree to maintain, on each Publisher Site, a privacy policy that abides by all applicable laws and self-regulatory authorities, and Publisher shall adhere to such privacy policy at all times. You can view examples of acceptable Privacy Policy language here. You will be asked to provide Blogads with a link to your privacy policy within 4 weeks of enrolling; failure to document a live privacy policy on Your site will result in termination from BYOS.

6. Blogads will strive to maintain universal ad quality settings which filter certain types of advertising including auto-play audio ads, popups, gambling, liquor and controversial ads. Blogads may adjust universal ad quality settings from time to time. Ad quality filters rely on the compliance of other third party providers and Blogads cannot guarantee the filters will be completely reliable. Blogads may not be able to block specific ads from appearing on your site through BYOS. If you prefer to manually approve individual ads appearing on your site, please opt-out of BYOS. To report violations of ad quality settings please write

7. Except as expressly set forth, BYOS is provided on an “as-is” basis and Blogads disclaims any and all warranties. Publisher acknowledges that Blogads does not warranty the service will be provided in an uninterrupted or error free fashion at all times. Blogads makes no express or implied guarantees or warranties with respect to the content of ads or any revenue to be generated from using BYOS. Blogads makes no guarantee that ad quality filters will entirely screen out malicious advertising. To report suspect suspected malware, malvertising, or other problems to us, please write If you can provide us with screenshots, firebug log, date and time of problem ad or other details, this will assist us with troubleshooting

8. You agree that Blogads will charge a 10% commission on all net revenue it collects from BYOS advertising on Your website.

9. Reporting: Within 30 days from the end of a calendar month, Blogads will post an entry in Your accounting page showing the total revenue earned from BYOS for that month. Blogads receives this revenue data directly from Third Party Platforms. You agree to accept the reporting of Third Party Platforms regarding total paid impressions, fill rate, effective CPM, and total revenue earned through BYOS. You may request these details by writing to

10. Payment terms: All payments will be subject to Publisher Terms and Conditions Section 11: Payments to Publishers shall be based on the amount actually collected by Blogads from Third Party Advertising Platforms.

11. You may terminate this optional service at any time. If you wish to terminate your use of BYOS, please write to, include your Blogads ID, and we will remove the ad code from your adstrip(s). Please allow 3 business days for us to remove the ad code.

12. All Terms and Conditions for Bloggers apply to your use of BYOS:




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