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Creating an Ad Campaign

  • 1.
    What ad sizes can I buy? Can I buy several different ad sizes at once?

    We offer a wide range of custom and standardized ad formats:

    - 728x270 80KB jpeg/gif/png/flash/video
    - 728x90 80KB jpeg/gif/png/flash/video
    - 300x600 80KB jpeg/gif/png/flash/video
    - 300x250 80KB jpeg/gif/png/flash/video
    - 125x125 40KB jpeg/gif/png/flash
    - 400x400 80KB jpeg/gif/png/flash/video + 1000 char text
    - 200x400 80KB jpeg/gif/png/flash/video + 500 char text
    - 160x600 80KB jpeg/gif/png/flash/video + 300 char text
    - 160x200 40KB jpeg/gif/png/flash/video + 300 char text
    - 160x100 20KB jpeg/gif/png/flash + 100 char text

    You can see previews and technical specifications for all ad sizes here. Only one ad size can be purchased at a time. If you're interested in other custom site integrations like site skins or push-down units, please email us!

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    Where can I see prices for different time periods and ad sizes?

    Check out our order page to get up-to-date pricing info! Select an ad size in the "Step 1 - Ad Type" box at the top left of the page, then scroll down and choose a time period from the "Step 2 - Duration" box below. You'll notice the prices and estimated impressions for all of our blogs update in real-time as you make your selections.

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  • 3.
    How can I make sure my ads start on a specific day?

    If you're buying one of the ad sizes listed under the "Banner" or "Adverpost" headers on our order page, select "Choose start dates" from the "Step 2 - Duration" box on the left side of the page. Use the calendar that appears to schedule your campaign's run dates.

    If you're buying a "Blogad" unit, make all of your selections on the order page and then click "Continue" in the bottom right corner of the page. On the following page, scroll down to step 6 ("Set a fixed start date for your ad?") and check the box named "Select start date". Use the calendar that appears to schedule your campaign's run dates.

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  • 4.
    What is SOV and how do I choose it?

    SOV ("share of voice") is the percentage of time your ad will appear on the blog(s) you've chosen. (Ex. if you choose a 50% SOV, your ad will show up 50% of the time that blog is viewed.) If you're buying a "Banner" or "Adverpost" unit, you can choose the SOV's for each blog in your campaign using the drop-down menu to the right of each blog name on our order page. "Blogads" units are only available at 100% SOV and appear for every pageview for the entire time period purchased, so the drop-down will not appear if you choose a "Blogads" ad size.

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  • 5.
    Which blogs should I advertise on?

    All of the blogs in our network are listed on our main order page. Use the keyword search bar at the top of the order form, or the "Advanced Sorting" link to the right of the keyword search, to find sites that match what you're looking for. You can also check out our hives (groups of blogs organized by topic) to find a network of sites related to a specific topic. If you're still not sure which blogs are best for you, contact us and our sales team will be happy to help you out!

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  • 6.
    How do I run a campaign across multiple blogs?

    Visit our main order page, choose your ad type and the length of time you want to run your ads for, and then select as many placements as you want. Your total price and the number of selections you've made will be listed in the cash register at the bottom right of the page.

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  • 7.
    What does it mean if the order page says another ad is already running on a blog? Where will my ad appear if other ads are already running?

    If you're buying a banner or adverpost, your ad will run as soon as the current ad is finished running. The date you can expect your ad to begin running will be displayed on the order page. If you select a low SOV ("share of voice" - the percentage of time your ad will appear on the blog), it's possible your ad may run in rotation with ads that are already running.

    If you're purchasing one of our Blogads units, your ad will stack with the other ads currently running. Your ad will appear for every pageview along with the other ads on the site. The ads will rotate in height on the page every time the page is refreshed. Each ad will get an equal amount of time at the top of the stack.

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  • 8.
    Where will my ads appear on the blogs I've chosen? How can I make sure they appear at the top of the page?

    The name of the ad zone on our order page should give an indication of its location on the site. If it is unclear, we recommend visiting the site and looking for a "buy a blogad!" link, or for ads that are already running. Clicking on the "buy a blogad!" link will reveal the ad zone's name and will allow you to purchase knowing exactly where your ad will appear. If you want to ensure high placement, be sure to purchase any spots labeled "Premium" that are available. Higher prices typically mean better placement and less competition.

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  • 9.
    Do you offer CPM, CPA or CPC based advertising?

    No - all of our ads are sold at a flat-rate based on time period.

    If you'd like to discuss a custom campaign using a CPM rate, get in touch with our sales team!

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  • 10.
    Do Blogads improve my search engine rankings (SEO)?

    No. Blogads automatically routes any clicks on your ad through our system so we can keep track of each ad's performance. This cannot be turned off, so links back to your own site will not be recorded by Google or other search engines.

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Uploading Ads

  • 11.
    How do I use flash or video in my ads?

    You can run flash and video in our Standard (160x200), Hi-Rise (160x600), Adverpost (200x400 or 400x400) and Banner ad sizes (728x90, 300x250, 728x270, 300x600). If purchasing our Standard or Hi-Rise units, be sure you've selected "flash" rather than JPG/GIF on the order page.

    You'll be able to add your flash banner or video embed during the upload process. Need help creating a flash banner? Check out our help guide or use the code "BLOGADS" to get 20% off at Canned Banners, an easy-to-use DIY flash banner company.

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  • 12.

  • 13.
    How do I display an RSS or Twitter feed in my ads?

    Simply click "edit html" and type "@rss:" followed by the feed you'd like to appear. Be sure there is no other text in the "edit html" field. The feed should appear in preview. If you need help creating a multi-stream or moderated feed, contact us!

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  • 14.
    Why do I keep getting an error message saying my ad text is over the limit?

    Our character limits include punctuation and spaces, so please make sure you're including those in your count. Copying and pasting text from outside sources can also result in an error since these texts often include hidden formatting that adds to the character count (to check, click "edit html"). If you've tried typing your text in manually and you're still not sure why the count is appearing over the character limit, send us a copy of your ad text and we'll investigate!

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  • 15.
    Can I include 3rd party tags to track my ads' performance?

    Yes. Blogads will always track your ads' clicks, impressions, clickthrough rate and estimated cost per click for free, but you can also use a 3rd party to verify our numbers. When you're uploading your ad, you'll see a link at the bottom of the page named "Optional 3rd Party Tracking". Click the link to insert 3rd party click tags or impressions tags. WARNING: please be aware that using 3rd party tags can incur fees from the 3rd party service!

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  • 16.
    I'm ready to buy my ads, and I only see an option to pay via PayPal. Do you accept other payment methods?

    Our preferred payment method is PayPal. You can complete your purchase using your PayPal account, or by using a credit card through the PayPal site without creating an account. If you're having trouble paying through PayPal, please email us and we'll be glad to work with you on other payment methods!

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  • 17.
    How long does it take for my ads to appear on the blog(s) after I purchase them?

    If you've selected for your ad to begin running ASAP, it will appear within 15 minutes of the blogger accepting your ad. If the blogger does not manually accept your ad by midnight, our system will automatically accept it overnight and it will begin running early the following morning. If you've selected a future start date, your ad will begin running at approximately 2am EST on your chosen start date.

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Managing & Revising Ads

  • 18.
    How can I edit my ads?

    Once you've purchased an ad, log in to your account and click the "Active Ads" link in the left navigation bar. Click "Versions" to the right of the name of your campaign. On the "Versions" page you can click "edit" in the column containing a preview of your current ad, and then make any changes to your image and/or text. Don't forget to save your changes!

    You can also edit ads that you've saved to your Shopping Cart by clicking the "Shopping Cart" link in the left navigation bar, and then clicking "edit" to the right of the ad name.

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  • 19.
    Can I upload and run multiple versions of my ads?

    Yes! We strongly encourage running a few different ad variations to keep your campaign fresh. To add a new version of your ad, log in to your account, click "Active Ads" in the left navigation bar and click "Versions" to the right of your campaign's name. Click "Add new version" at the bottom of the left-hand column on the page. Fill in your new ad version's details and save changes. You'll also see a small calendar at the top of the page where you can choose which days of your campaign to run this new ad version. If two or more versions are scheduled to run on the same day of the campaign, they'll automatically appear an equal percentage of time. (If you want to create a new version that's very similar to your current ad, you can also click "Clone" on the versions page to create a replica of your current ad, then make any edits you want.)

    It's also possible to upload and schedule multiple ad versions before purchasing if you've saved an ad to your Shopping Cart. Just log in to your account, click the "Shopping Cart" link in the left navigation bar, and click "Versions" to the right of the ad name. Follow the same steps as listed in the first part of this answer.

    If you're an advanced user and you want to schedule some ad versions to run a higher percentage of the time than others, go back to the main "Versions" page and select all of the days when you want each of your ad versions to run. Select a day from the calendar in the leftmost column of the page to assign specific weights to each version that has been scheduled to run on that day (for example, you can weight Version A at 70% and Version B at 30%) and then click "Apply these weights to any subsequent days with the same set of ad versions" in the gray column to make this change for every day left in the campaign.

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  • 20.
    My ads are running on the blogs I chose, but my ad text looks slightly different than the preview I saw when I was creating it. Why?

    Each blogger is able to adjust the appearance of certain parts of the ads on their site (such as font, text style, links) to make ads better match the appearance of their site. Preview will display the default formatting, but some bloggers may have customized their ad zones to appear differently.

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  • 21.
    My ads aren't showing up on the blogs - why not?

    Our bloggers are able to review all ads submitted to their site, and your ad won't begin running until it's been accepted. If your ads all say "accepted" on your "Active Ads" page but still aren't running, it's possible you selected a future start date, so the ads won't begin appearing until the morning of the date you chose.

    If your "Active Ads" page shows the ad as "running" but you're not seeing it on the site, email us!

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  • 22.
    My ad says "paused" next to it in my Blogads account. What does that mean?

    This means the blogger or an administrator has decided to pause the ad until something is resolved. This could mean the blogger's site is down temporarily, or that the blogger does not approve of a recent creative change. If you're unsure, email us and we'll investigate!

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  • 23.
    I paid for my ads with PayPal but they're still not running and it says "payment pending" next to them. What's going on?

    It sounds like you paid using a PayPal eCheck. This happens when you don't have enough of a balance in your existing PayPal account to cover your purchase, so PayPal withdraws money directly from your bank account. PayPal eChecks can take several business days to clear, and your ad won't be able to run until we've received the full payment. If you don't think you paid with an eCheck, contact us and we'll investigate!

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  • 24.
    What kind of stats does Blogads offer?

    Blogads automatically tracks the number of views and clicks your ad receives, and calculates the CTR (clickthrough rate) as well. If you've selected to have a "tweet this" link or a video in your ad, we'll also keep track of how many people tweet your ad or play your video.

    Our system also automatically tracks the performance of each ad version, so it's easy to tell which versions are performing best. The performance data on your "Active Ads" page is aggregate data across all the sites in the buy. To see how well each version is performing, click on "Versions" on the active ads page. To see performance on each site, click on any of the numbers under the "Tweets, Clicks, Impressions, CTR, est. CPC" column.

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  • 25.
    What can I do to optimize my ads' performance?

    Take a look at our Advice page for tips and tricks from our sales team.

    Most importantly, be sure you're running several different ad versions. Slight variations in images or text can make a huge difference in performance.

    To see how well each version is performing, log in to your Blogads account and click "Active Ads" in the left navigation bar. Click "Versions" to see specific performance data. If one ad version is outperforming the others, adjust the amount of time that ad appears by clicking on a day in the far left, gray column. Adjust the percentages above each ad version to favor the ad that is performing best, and then click "Apply these weights to any subsequent days with the same set of ad versions" in the gray column to make this change for every day left in the campaign.

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  • 26.
    I received an email that says my ad was rejected - why? When will I get a refund?

    Each blogger in our network can reject an ad purchased on their site, at their discretion. The most common reason for an ad rejection is if the ad does not mesh with the content or values of the blog it was purchased on (for example, an explicit ad purchased on a site for children, or a conservative ad purchased on a liberal blog). If you don't know why your ad was rejected, please contact us and we'll see if we can get an explanation from the blogger.

    If your ad is rejected by a blogger, the money for that ad will automatically be credited back to your Blogads account, and will be deducted from your next purchase at checkout. If you prefer, you can also request a full or partial refund back to your PayPal or credit card - to do so, log in to your Blogads account, click "Accounting" in the left navigation bar, and enter an amount in the "Withdraw Funds" box at the bottom of the page. These refunds are processed within 10 business days.

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Renewing Campaigns

  • 27.
    How do I purchase more time on an ad that's currently running?

    When your ad is nearing the end of its run, you'll get an email notification that your campaign is ending soon. The email will contain a link to purchase more time. Click the link, select the amount of additional time you want to purchase, choose which of your ad versions you want to keep running, and buy. If you want to purchase additional time before you get your email notification you can also log in to your account, click the "Active Ads" link in the left navigation bar, and click "renew" to the far right of your campaign name. Select the amount of additional time to purchase, choose which ad versions you want to keep running, and buy.

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  • 28.
    My ads already finished running, but I'd like to run them again. How can I do that?

    Log in to your account, click "Expired Ads" in the left navigation bar, and click "replicate" to the right of your ad's name. (If your ad finished running more than 3 months ago, you'll need to search for it using the date drop-down menus in the middle of the page.) You can then pick which version of your ad to run again, choose the blogs to run it on from our order page, and pay!

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  • 29.
    How can I see stats for ads that have already finished running?

    Log in to your account and click "Expired Ads" in the left navigation bar. You'll automatically see any ads that have run within the past 3 months, or you can do a search by selecting a different date range from the drop-down menus in the middle of the page. You can see the aggregate data for each campaign under the "Clicks, Views, CTR, est. CPC" column, or you can click on any of the numbers in that column to see a more in-depth breakdown by individual blog, by ad version, or by date.

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