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Q: Can I use HTML and hyperlinks in my ads?

A: Simple HTML (bold, italics, underlining, and hyperlinks) is allowed and encouraged in all of our ad units that include a text portion! Adding some variety to your ad text helps attract readers' eyes to your ad. Multiple hyperlinks can also help you link specific words to unique landing pages on your site, creating a more relevant experience for users who click on the ad. Highlight a word or phrase in your text and then use the buttons at the top of the text box when creating your ad to insert these formatting options.

You won't be able to use HTML to change the font, color, alignment, or other features of your ad text. Some formatting choices for ads are determined by each individual blogger in our network, to allow bloggers to make sure that the ads on their site mesh with their overall site design. The preview you see while uploading your image and text reflects our default settings, and some formatting options may look different on different blogs.




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