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    How do I add the Blogads code to my site?

    Log in to your account and click "Adstrips" in the left navigation bar. Click "Grab Code" and copy/paste the first line of code (ending in .css) directly before the </head> tag in your site's HTML. Place the second line of code (ending in .js) wherever you'd like the ads to appear once they've been purchased. If a small "buy a blogad!" link appears on your site where you'd like the ads to run, you've added the code correctly. Contact us for extra help setting up Adverpost placements!

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    How long will it take until an ad is purchased on my blog?

    Once your ad zones are live, advertisers will be able to start buying immediately, but it can take a few weeks for your first sale to come through. Our sales team often creates advertising proposals weeks or even months in advance, so once we're able to start including your site in these proposals it can still take time for these deals to be finalized.

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    How should I price my ad units?

    Our Price Calculator tool offers competitive rate suggestions for Banner and Adverpost placements. When you're building a new ad zone, just click the "help" link next to the pricing grid and enter your impression numbers. We'll generate a suggested price based on the type of ad unit you're selling and the traffic your site gets. You can also update your prices at any time by clicking the "Customize Adstrip" link on your Adstrips page. For help pricing your Blogads units, contact us!

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    How do I create or delete an ad zone?

    To create a new ad zone:
    - Log in and click "Adstrips" in the left navigation bar
    - Click "create adstrip" on the right side of the page
    - Choose the ad type you want to sell, customize your setup and pricing, and click "Proceed" to save your changes
    - Customize the appearance of the ad zone, then click "Proceed" again to save
    - Add the code to your site by clicking "Grab Code" on your "Adstrips" page

    If you want to delete an ad zone from your account, please rename it "DELETE" by clicking "customize adstrip" and changing the text in the "Location" field. Save your changes by clicking "Proceed" at the bottom of that page and the next page, then shoot us an email and we'll remove it for you. (This system helps us ensure that an ad campaign doesn't accidentally get deleted along with the ad zone.)

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    Why isn't my blog showing up on the order page?

    There a few reasons this could be happening, so let's start with the most common possibilities:
    - Did you just add the blogads code to your site? Blogs don't appear on our order page until our tracking code has been installed for at least 3 days, so if it's been less than 3 days just be patient and your site will appear soon.
    - Is your site getting at least 3,000 impressions per week? If not, it won't appear on our main order page. You'll still show up on hive pages that you belong to as long as you're getting at least 700 impressions per week, and you'll still be eligible to be included in advertising proposals by our sales team.
    - Do you offer Standard 160x200 Flash advertising on your blog? When advertisers first visit our order page, the default ad zones showing on the page are for 160x200 Flash placements. If you don't want to offer 160x200 units or Flash on your site, you'll still show up once the advertiser picks a different ad type that your site does offer.
    - None of the above? Contact our support team and we'll investigate!

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    Blogads is showing different traffic numbers for my site than my other tracking tools. Why?

    Blogads only records how many times our JavaScript code fully loads on each page of your site. This corresponds to the expected number of times an ad will load on your site. The number of recorded impressions in the Blogads system may differ from other tracking tools for any of the following reasons: the Blogads code may not be on every single page of your site (ex. comment or "about" pages), the Blogads code may load later on the page than your other tracking codes, some readers may have adblockers installed which prevent our code from loading, and JavaScripts won't load or record impressions on most mobile devices.

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Managing Submitted Ads

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    An ad was submitted to my site - how do I accept or reject it? When will it start running?

    Log in to your account and visit your "Adstrips" page using the link in the left navigation bar. Look for the number "1" appearing in the "New ads" column to the right of the ad zone that has been purchased. Click on that number "1", and on the following page use the drop-down menu in the column named "Action" to accept or reject the ad. You can also review the content of the ad by clicking on its name at the far left.

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    How can I pause an ad? What happens once I pause it?

    Log in to your account and click "Adstrips" in the left navigation bar. Click on the number that appears in the column named "Current ads", to the right of the placement where the ad you need to pause is running. Use the drop-down menu in the "Status" column to select "Paused" and save.

    Paused ads will disappear from your site in 15 - 30 minutes and won't restart until you use the drop-down menu to change its status back to "Active". It's also a good idea to drop a note to the advertiser letting them know the ad was paused (return to the page where you paused the ad, then click "Contact advertiser" below the name of the ad). If you need help with a paused ad, email us!

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    An ad is running on my site, but the ad content has changed to something I don't like. What can I do?

    Pause the ad to take it off your site. Then email the advertiser using the "Contact advertiser" link on the page where you paused the ad, and ask them to revert to their original image and/or text. If you'd rather have Blogads mediate, send us the ID number of the paused ad and we'll be happy to help.

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Making Money & Advanced Tactics

  • 10.
    What is a hive, and how do I join them?

    A hive is a group of blogs organized by topic. Topics range from political ideologies to geographic locations - examples include baby & parenting blogs, conservative blogs, and New York City blogs. To join a hive check out our current offerings, then email us with a list of your top choices. We'll give you the hive managers' contact information so you can request an invitation. At least 75% of your site content should be directly relevant to each hive you ask to join.

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    Can I use Google AdSense or other ad networks with Blogads?

    Yes! You can run another network's ad tags through your Blogads zones to fill unsold inventory. Just log in to your account, select "adstrips" in the left navigation bar, and click "customize adstrip" next to the one you'd like to run a backup tag through. Drop your ad tags into the "Remnant Code" field and click "proceed" at the bottom of that page and the next page to save your changes. Don't forget to make sure that your backup ad tags match the size of your Blogads ad zone (for example, a 300x250 ad tag should only be placed in a 300x250 Blogads ad zone).

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    What else can I do to maximize my revenues?

    Offering a variety of advertising options, pricing competitively, offering special discounts, promoting your own ad space, joining hives, and driving sales to a hive page are all effective ways to earn more money through Blogads.

    - Offer a variety of advertising options: the more different placements and ad sizes you have available, the more likely you are to offer something an advertiser is looking for. Check out all of the different ad sizes you can run through Blogads here!
    - Price competitively: if you want to drive more sales, try cutting prices slightly to be more competitive with similar blogs. Take a look at our order page and compare your prices to similar sites - what prices are they selling ad space for? Try to match or beat those prices.
    - Offer special discounts: running a special sale for your ad space can increase buying demand. You can create discount codes for one-time use or longer-lasting promotions by logging in to your account, clicking the "Adstrips" link in the left navigation bar, and clicking "customimze adstrip" to the right of the placement you'd like to discount.
    - Promote your own ad space: create a free ad to run in your own ad zone and promote your space. First, set up a 100% off discount code using the steps above in "Offer special discounts". Then return to your "Adstrips" page, click "Create ad with offer code" to the far right of the placement you want to use, and fill in the ad creation form. Use your 100% off discount code at the top of the page to make the ad free. Once you've completed the "purchase", return to your "Adstrips" page and accept your ad just like you'd accept a paid ad. You can manage your own ad by clicking the "Active Ads" link in the left navigation bar.
    - Get creative! Making frequent tweaks to your site's sales pitch, pricing, and ad offerings and placements can all help optimize your site for advertisers. If you want to discuss your specific site strategy with our team, please email us!

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