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Blogads was launched by Pressflex LLC in August 2002. At a time when most advertisers and media pundits thought of "media" as exclusively content produced by professional journalists employed by big corporations, CEO Henry Copeland dreamed of putting money into bloggers' pockets by helping advertisers reach their passionate and chattering readers.

Folks in the know thought Henry was crazy. Sales were slow at first; blogads were bought only by a few t-shirt peddlers and bloggers hawking their own sites. In 2004, the service became a darling of political campaigns and causes. Today Blogads serves companies ranging from Disney to the ACLU to Dove to Audi.'s large open office fosters brainstorming... and parties. Our crew hails from a variety of backgrounds, including radio station manager, doggie spa owner, TV producer, biologist and Wall Street titan. We're based in Durham, North Carolina, one of the smartest, brainiest and most tolerant cities in the US (says Daily Beast). For programming and design, we draw on the brilliance of staff at our sister company, Pressflex KFT, in Budapest, Hungary.

Here's the May 2002 blog post that floated the idea for and what we're up to now.

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