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If you're looking for an affluent, conservative, politically active audience that spends money online, this is the network you want to buy from. Roughly 71% of the audience of these blogs made $60,000 or more and a large percentage of them spent some of that money online. In the last 6 months:

-- 33% of this audience contributed to a cause/campaign online
-- 35% bought books online
-- 37% bought software online
-- 40% bought plane tickets online
-- 43% bought music online
-- 46% bought consumer electronics online
-- 46% bought a subscription to a publication online
-- 50% bought computers or computer accessories online

Furthermore, in the last year:

-- 24.5 of the network's readers worked for a political party
-- 30.9% attended a political rally, speech, or organized protest of any kind
-- 67.1% wrote or called a politician at the state, local, or national level
-- 68.3% signed a petition

So if you're looking to target a conservative audience, this is the perfect place to spend your advertising dollars.

*** Note: The statistics mentioned are based on numbers taken from a representative sample of blogs in the network that participated in a Blogads demographic survey. ***

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