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Want to advertise on sites that have readers who LOL? Or maybe ROFL? How about OMGIPMP*? Featuring more than 30 humor blogs and over 70 million weekly impressions, the Ha! Humor Network is the spot for you. Whether you're advertising a humorous item or just have a hilarious ad, you'll find receptive readers here.

Questions? Contact us via blogads-sales AT blogads DOT com, or via phone at (919) 636-4551. to discuss your custom campaign.

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BLOGGERS: Is your site OMGIPMP-worthy? HA! is administered by Rod from Manhattan Offender. Questions can be sent to HA@rodtownsend.com. Membership is based upon approval and granted primarily to sites with original humor meeting minimum traffic requirements of at least 3000 impressions per week.

*Oh My Goodness I'm Peeing My Pants


"I love using the blogad combination of image and link-filled text. Blogs are filled with opinion, news, debate, links, humor, passion, information, factoids, personality --compared to all this, traditional IAB units are way too limiting for blog advertising."

- Beth Kirsch

"We have been blown away by the results of our blogad buys and by the range of reporting and advanced blog searching services offered on your web site. You make it so easy to buy the right targeted inventory and even easier to make creative changes while a campaign is progressing."

- Matthew Zablud
Adfero Group

The Blogad Unit

Blogads combine an image and text into a compelling unit. The look mimics a blog post and engages readers in the language they understand. The text can contain muliple links and have rotating creative. Try linking to different pages of your site, or, if you're selling a product, link to Amazon or great reviews!

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