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About Crazy Aunt Purl:
What began as a foray into a simple online diary has turned into a destination for knitters and non-knitters alike, with traffic ranging between 10,000 - 12,000 visits per day. Crazy Aunt Purl has been featured on, the preeminent women's blogging community, and her essay "Drunk, Divorced & Covered In Cat Hair: A Love Story" was featured in the recently published book "Cheaper Than Therapy."

"I started reading Laurie's blog about six months ago and, like so many of her readers, have come to feel like she's one of my very own girlfriends, even though she lives on the opposite coast and we've never met. She's one of the very few bloggers that can make me laugh long and hard out loud at her hilarious experiences and turns of phrases. And the next day, she'll bring me close to tears when she so openly bares the pain of her recent divorce. We (her devoted readers) continue to beseech her to write a book, and before too long some publisher will wake up and smell the marketing potential of this truly lovely and entertaining girl."
Reader testimonial, posted on

"Perry, who blogs at, is part Bridgette Jones and part Yarn Harlot as she describes how knitting tugged her from post-divorce despair and catapulted her into knitter celebritydom."

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