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About Mudville Gazette:
Insight into military and geopolitical issues from the perspective of a GI in the front lines of the global war on terror. Also the home blog of the MilBlog Ring
Greyhawk - pseudonym of the founder and main author - has over 20 years of service in the armed forces. (Note disclaimer in right side bar - this is a personal site and does not reflect official DoD policy, opinions, etc!) He has lived in several countries and many states throughout the US.
In November 2003 Greyhawk founded the MilBlogs Ring - a group that has grown to over 850 members (and is growing more rapidly than ever before) reporting from all around the world, including Iraq and Afghanistan.
The mainstream media is noticing - Mudville has been mentioned on Fox News, MSNBC, and CNN, as well as in a cover story in Army Times.
The Mudville Gazette has experienced steady growth since it's founding in 2003. Well past the four-million visitor mark, the site will experience over 500,000 page views in 1QCY 06 alone, and we expect that number to increase significantly in the upcoming months.
According to the blog tracking site Technorati, there are nearly 8 million weblogs in the world today. The Truth Laid Bear's Blogospheric Ecosystem, the premier site for determining 'popularity' of blogs, lists 21,000. Mudville is in the top 100, and is the number one site in the world run by an active duty military member
Talk Radio host Hugh Hewitt, in his book If It's Not Close, They Can't Cheat lists his "starters kit of the most powerful blogs worth a visit every day: Lileks, Powerline, Kaus Files, Andrew Sullivan, Instapundit, Talking Points Memo, Evangelical Outpost, The Mudville Gazette". Why Mudville? Here's Hugh in the Weekly Standard MudvilleGazette, currently stationed in Europe (and who has the best list of milblogs I can find)
Glenn Reynolds, MSNBC: "If you want a different perspective on these issues, you might look at some of the military bloggers, who often offer things that you won't get on the nightly news. Check out The Mudville Gazette for commentary and links to other military bloggers."
Michael Ledeen, National Review Online: "Greyhawk on the Iraqi elections. A masterpiece."
Jonah Goldberg in NRO
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