Bargain Blogads (the cheapest 5% -- all under 50 cents CPM)

Looking to advertise on only the blogs that are an especially good bargain? This is the hive for you. Bargain Blogads features only the blogs that are especially cheap -- in the cheapest 5%, in terms of cost per thousand views (currently all are below 50 cents per thousand page views for a one-week ad buy, and many are much cheaper than that). Bargain Blogads is updated on a regular basis, so you can always come here to find the best priced blogs at any given time. Stop searching through thousands of blogs to find the bargains -- start here first, where we've already done the searching for you. Please contact John Hlinko of (Jhlinko AT gmail dot com) if you have questions (but if you're a blogger looking to be part of the hive, please make sure you're below 50 cents CPM before writing, and that you're already part of the network). (***note: Not all of these blogs are G-rated, so if you're concerned about that, make sure to check them out individually. Also, some blogs may fall below the 50 cent CPM threshhold in a given week or few, but we'll cut them a little slack before taking them off.)


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