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Book publishers and authors, promote your book to thousands of influential book addicts, reading club maestros and pushing industry insiders! The Blogads Book Community will increase awareness and sales by placing your ad right in the heart of a thriving book community, not just a random spattering of readers.

Book blog advertising is the best way to reach your audience. We've been promoting books online since 2002 and have run successful campaigns for more than 1000 titles. In the past 30 days 75% of our blog readers spent $20 or more on books, 24% spent more than $50, and 10% spent more than $100. makes your book marketing campaign easier than ever. With over 3,500 blogs in our network, we can help you reach any demographic in just a few clicks. Get started now by clicking the "Buy Ads" button below, or scroll down to keep reading!



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Start your custom campaign today. Just choose placements, upload and purchase online, then monitor campaign statistics and alter your ad creative 24/7! Or for more information about advertising on the Blogads Book Hive, contact blogads-sales AT blogads DOT com.


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Our blogad unit combines an image and text for maximum impact. The look mimics a blog post and engages readers in the language they understand. The text can contain multiple links- try linking to Amazon, Indie Bookstores, B&N, and anywhere else your books are available. Or include great reviews! You're also able to include a "tweet this" button to encourage readers to share your book with their friends on Twitter. Check out our advice page for additional information on how to easily create a successful ad.

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