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Are you trying to reach the most engaged lesbian bloggers, readers and activists on the internet? The Lesbian Bloggers Hive has them all, featuring a varied group of blogs written by lesbians of diverse backgrounds and interests and containing lesbian interest stories. Each blog has been hand picked for quality content that covers topics of concern to the lesbian community, including lesbian identity, relationships, politics, entertainment, and parenting. There are personal diaries, social commentaries, news headlines, and practical tips for daily life. Some are serious and some wickedly funny. Our readers are mainly lesbians, but may also include women, men, activists, and open-minded individuals of all orientations, identities, origins, and ages.

A recent national survey found that Gay and lesbian adults also feel more positive towards advertisements found on blogs. Nearly one in five (19%) reported that they felt positive towards advertisements, compared to 8 percent of heterosexual adults. And in a similar study conducted two years ago, roughly the same proportion (21%) of gays and lesbians reported feeling positively towards blog ads. At the same time, lesbians often have unique outlooks and interests even within the LGBT community. The Lesbian Blogger Ad Hive gives you the opportunity to focus your advertising on this desirable demographic.

How economically powerful are gays and lesbians?
* An estimated 15.3 million gay and lesbian consumers had a combined buying power of more than $660 billion in 2006.
* 72% prefer to buy from companies that advertise to them directly (source: Harris/Witeck-Combs)
* 89% are highly likely to seek out brands advertised to them, and a majority will pay a premium for quality products and services (source: Simmons)
* Gay Americans are almost twice as likely as their straight peers to own a prestige luxury vehicle (source: @blan)
* The median combined household income of gay couples is 60% higher than opposite-sex couples (source: OpusComm Group)
* Compared to the national average, gay people are three times more likely to choose to live in racially, ethnically and culturally diverse communities (source: Gertler and Vinodrai)
* Creative and innovative people driving the tech economy seek places high in cultural, racial and ethnic diversity, including gays and lesbians (source: Gary Gates and Brookings Institute)

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For more information about advertising through the Lesbian Bloggers Hive, contact Kaley via blogads-sales AT blogads DOT com, or via phone at (919) 636-4551 x 818.

If you would like to join this hive or have any questions in regards to membership please contact Kelly, the hive manager, at Goldstardyke AT gmail DOT com.


"Blogads offers a high ROI as compared with magazines, TV advertising, and other Internet ads. We believe it to be one of the most effective sources to drive traffic and sales, as well as being an excellent way to establish brand awareness."

- Amy Reed, Chickdowntown

"Blogads.com is the 'Intel-inside' the blog revolution. Banner ads may let you reach customers, but blog ads let you create salespeople. Blog readers are people who like nothing better than talking to others -- both online AND offline. BlogAds.com is the way to go. The selection is incredible and the entire BlogAds.com team have been incredibly helpful in showing us how to get the most bang for the buck from our blog ad campaigns. I've posted at least 500 ads with BlogAds.com since 2004, and the response has been phenomenal. In the time since ActForLove.org began using BlogAds.com, our traffic has increased more than ten-fold. Nothing else has come close in bang for the buck."

- John Hlinko, Grassroots Enterprise and Actforlove.org
Grassroots Enterprise

The Blogad Unit

Blogads combine an image and text into a compelling unit. The look mimics a blog post and engages readers in the language they understand. The text can contain multiple links and have rotating creative. Try linking to different pages of your site, or, if you're selling a product, link to Amazon or great reviews!

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