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The Music Blog Ad Network is America's premier music community. With over 90 sites and 10 million monthly impressions, The Music Blog Ad Network has the readership you need to get the word out, and the focus to target in on an avid music audience.

To advertise on music blogs, contact us via blogads-sales AT blogads DOT com, or 919-636-4551

We can help you advertise to loyal music fans: the people who don't just listen to your music, but buy it, sing it, and wear it on their sleeve. They tell their friends, play it in their bands, and sell it to the world.

These are the diehards - the people who go online for their music news. They're curious, they're well-informed, and they're opinion makers.

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"When I need to find a particular market, whether broad or niche, I think BlogAds. Making that decision even easier is the cost-efficient pricing, impressive share of voice, and conversational ad format. We've had strong responses to campaign after campaign with BlogAds."

- Juston Payne, Manager of Online Advertising
John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

"After my ad for Klezmer Christmas started running yesterday on TalkingPointsMemo, my traffic was up five or six fold. I was up late last night processing orders. This is fantastic. I think blogads are going to be much bigger than banners. You are able to so closely target the sensibility of the people you are advertising to. I just knew Josh's audience would appreciate the humor of my album and I've been proven right."

- Paul Libman, Libman Music
Libman Music

The Blogad Unit

Blogads combine an image and text into a compelling unit. The look mimics a blog post and engages readers in the language they understand. The text can contain muliple links and have rotating creative. Try linking to different pages of your site, or, if you're selling a product, link to Amazon or great reviews!

arcade fire


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