Women's Blog Ad Network -- the MOST Diverse Group of Women Bloggers on the Net!

Featuring 130+ women bloggers and 9 million page views a week! The Women's Ad Network is the most diverse collection of women bloggers in the United States. Looking to target women who most accurately represent women in the United States? We are political bloggers, sex bloggers, gossip bloggers, news bloggers, shopping bloggers, business bloggers, mommy bloggers, music bloggers, book bloggers, and even video bloggers. We are white bloggers, African American bloggers, Hispanic bloggers, Jewish bloggers, and multi-race bloggers.

Create an engaging ad campaign then launch it on the Women's Ad Network; this will result in a click-through rate that has you returning to the Women's Ad Network time and time again. If your goal is to reach the female market, the Women's Ad Network can help you do it!

Need information regarding the Women's Ad Network, or help creating your marketing campaign? Contact Genia or find her on Twitter. You can also call her 608.466.7612

Are you a female blogger who wants to join the network? Contact Genia. Make sure you let her know the category your blog is already listed in on BlogAds.com. It will make it much easier to find your blog and add you to the network.

Looking to target women in the LGBT community? Visit The Lesbian Blog Ad Network


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