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Place your blogads on the hottest new website for lesbian, bisexual and otherwise-inclined ladies to access 350,000 monthly unique visitors. Attract a diverse & dedicated group of smart, loyal and culturally savvy readers, largely women between the ages of 16-35. And one guy that likes sports.
From writers:

"Automatic Win [suggests that a] life of lesbianism can be downright fun ... the madcap world Automatic Win depicts [is] memorably rendered by Riese in loose, inventive language, undergirded with a wry self-deprecation .. a blog's-eye-view of the Younger Generation, the lesbo Sex In The City set. Only the more hipster version. With far more text messaging. And irony. And about ten years younger."
(Lesbian Dad)

"This girl can write."
(Jayme Waxman)

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