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About The Bilerico Project:
A bullpen of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender activists, writers and professionals blogging about the direction of LGBT culture and activism. Voted the second best LGBT blog on the web in 2007, the variety of diverse and well-known voices at the Bilerico Project includes famous authors, bloggers, activists and academics.

Fifty prominent LGBT community members have decided to make The Bilerico Project home including Human Rights Campaign President Joe Solmonese, National Gay and Lesbian Task Force executive director Matt Foreman and Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund President Chuck Wolfe. The site also showcases entertainment features like “A Town Called Dobson” political cartoon strip, comedian Michael Buckley’s pop culture video show, “What The Buck?!,” a relationship advice column by Michele O’Mara, one of America’s top LGBT couples therapists, and both sex and financial advice columns.

Other contributors include author Patricia Nell Warren, noted political science professor Ellen Andersen, activist Waymon Hudson, blogger Pam Spaulding, author Eric Marcus, pop star Jim Verraros, activist Nadine Smith, and journalist Karen Ocamb. Other journalists, activists, editors, bloggers, authors and spiritual leaders are also regular contributors.

  • "The Bilerico Project Blog has turned out to be an important LGBT resource." -- SquarePegz
  • "Smart...intelligent...well written...those are just a few of the words we can say about The Bilerico Project." -- Best Gay Blogs
  • "...notorious nut-job hate site" -- Circle City Pundit
  • "Think of The Bilerico Project as the love child created if The Huffington Post and our infamous "gay agenda" were to mate." -- Scott-O-Rama
  • "If it matters to the LGBT community, its being discussed on Bilerico." -- Left of Centrist
  • "Indiana's best GLBT blog, even if they are, like, totally famous now." -- Blue Indiana
  • "...the web’s leading LGBT blog forum" -- The Homo Politico
  • "The Project is a real effort to unite our community, granting a place for a wide variety of folks to meet, talk, dialog and learn." -- BlogActive
  • "Bilerico is a gay P.C. spinzone" -- Citizen Crain
  • "Indiana's Most Influential Political blog" -- BlogNet News
  • "I will continue to give the gay community generally, and bilerico specifically, my support..." -- Mike Kole, candidate for Indiana Secretary of State
  • ", once voted the most politically influential blog in Indiana, is growing in its national influence, especially in the LGBT blogosphere and politics." -- InterstateQ
  • "...some incredibly talented people..." -- Blog O' Queer
  • "We're looking forward to working more with The Bilerico Project team in the future..." -- HRC Back Story
  • "If you’re not reading Bilerico daily, you should be" -- TransAdvocate
  • "Bilerico is where the LGBT political opinion action is happening." -- Bloggernista

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