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Flash Ad Help Guide

Our flash tutorial will help you create your blog ads.

Flash ad size constraints

It is possible to upload flash (.swf) files for ad creative in Blogads. The file size constraints are the following (width x height, file size):

  • Marquee: 728x270, 80KB
  • Leaderboard: 728x90, 80KB
  • Half Page Ad: 300x600, 80KB
  • Rectangle: 300x250, 80KB

  • Large Adverpost: 400x400, 80KB
  • Classic Adverpost: 200x400, 80KB

  • Standard: 160x200, 40KB
  • Hi-Rise: 160x600, 80KB
  • Mini: 160x100, 20KB
  • Classie: n/a

Uploading the swf file

The upload of the creative happens exactly the same way as for ordinary jpg, gif or png files.

Flash version

We accept any version of flash ads. See here for flash player version penetration.

Click tracking of flash ads / Making the flash of an ad clickable

Clicks on the "Read more" link of the ad will be counted by Blogads without any further action from the advertiser.
If you want clicks on the body of the flash ad to be counted as well, you have to define a button that stretches over the whole creative. Define an event handler for the release of the button so that it reads like this:
    on (release) {
    getURL (clickTAG, "_blank");

If you use Adobe (formerly Macromedia) Flash you can follow these guidelines:
  1. Add an extra layer to the top of the layer panel.
  2. Select that layer with the Selection tool.
  3. Choose the Rectangle tool and cover the creative throughout the entire timeline of the movie.
  4. Convert the rectangle into a "Button" symbol.
  5. Make the rectangle transparent: Effect panel > Alpha > 0%
  6. In the Object Actions panel, associate the following action to the transparent rectangle:
            * On Mouse Event: Release
            * GetURL: clickTAG
            * Window: _blank
    Check the Expression box so there are no quotes around clickTAG (see picture below).
    The script should look like this:
        on (release) {
        getURL (clickTAG, "_blank");

If you use ActionScript 3, you can use the code below. Make sure to use the same name in the code that you used in the Scene.
    BUTTON_NAME.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_UP, function(event: MouseEvent): void {
	    var url:String;
    	    if ((url = root.loaderInfo.parameters.clickTAG)) {
		    var request:URLRequest = new URLRequest(url);

Here is a more detailed tutorial.
If you still have trouble creating a flash ad that works with Blogads, please contact us.



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