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Highlights – Links from the Blogads Network

No need for a case of FOMO this week. Here are some of the highlights of what’s been going on around the Blogads network:

Tom and Lorenzo take a look at the fashion of Mad Men’s season finale:

I’m not sure I can wait until the next and final season of these reviews!

Curbly provides 12 DIY pet accessory ideas:

My cat is going to love the DIY bow tie I have my eyes on.

IMBOYCRAZY lists out some life wisdom in the 113th installment of “The Blind Leading the Blind:”

This series is always such a treat.

IMBOYCRAZY’s Alexi Wasser also makes an appearance interviewing the cast behind The Kings of Summer on LadyGunn:

I can vouch for the movie: very entertaining and will make you want to build an insane tree house.

The ladies behind Betches Love This are featured in the NY Times Style section this week:

For anyone out of the loop, make sure to check out their extensive Betch List.

Hark, the responsive ad, a profound failure of imagination

There’s been lots of talk about responsive design for websites. If you’re not following the discussion, here’s the gist of the argument for responsive design: publishers should offer readers the same digital content everywhere, just repackaged and reformatted for different devices.

Google is pushing responsive design hard, arguing that ‘optimized’ sites will serve readers better by offering a uniform content experience. (Cynically, one might argue that Google has a strong interest in pushing publishers to push the same content out across multiple devices in various formats so the task of processing and presenting this information is simpler for Google if it’s not different across multiple devices.) The responsive design approach is cheaper for everyone too, since it means publishers don’t have to rethink their content strategies for each new device, just the formatting.

Now advertisers are beginning to explore ways to make their ads responsive. Build one ad, then tweak it automatically so it can run on a half-dozen form factors — desktop, iPad, mini, iPhone, XX and other tablets. You can see an example of one such solution here:

The idea of responsive ads seems silly to me. Imagine trying to build an ad that would “resize” automatically to run on TV, radio, glossy magazines and newspapers. In theory, this might be possible. But this strategy would result in least-common-denominator content, probably just chunks of black and white text. Though even this dumbed down ad wouldn’t work on radio, so maybe a transmitter could be constructed that would turn “responsively” this text into morse code.

Trying to resize both editorial and advertising reflects a giant failure of imagination. Just as the best web sites live and breath in the many dimensions that were unimaginable in the monochrome and two dimensional world of newsprint publishing, the best tablet and mobile sites someday will embody dimensions and colors and experiential textures that aren’t imagined in today’s world of desktop publishing and reading.

By definition, the best ads won’t be responsive; the best content and ads will be unfungible across devices because they’ll embody features that are unique to each tier of device. With this philosophy in mind, Blogads teams are busy working on new ad units that will be uniquely effective on tablets, rather than just resizing versions of desktop ad units. Watch this ever-mutating space to see what we come up with.

Hot Off the Presses – Links from the Blogads Network

Here’s the hard-hitting news you missed this week from around the Blogads network:

Immaculate Infatuation provides the guide to Killing It This Summer:

Challenge accepted.

Betches Love This are ready for Anchorman 2:

Kristin Wiig as a potential love interest for Brick? Yes, please.

Pinterest Fail warns against the Hair Bow:

And yet, I’m still going to attempt this anyways.

Geeks Are Sexy showcases the trailer for The Lego Movie:

It took me a while to figure out if this was a joke or not. I’m 75% sure now that it’s not.

Tom and Lorenzo take a look at the cast of Man of Steel at the Taormina Festival:

I want to go to there.

Diversions – Links from the Blogads Network

There’s nothing wrong with taking a little break from your day to remind yourself why you love the Internet with the help of these posts from around the Blogads network:

Dlisted introduces its new site design:

Lookin’ good, Dlisted. Lookin’ good.

Betches Love This rank “The Betches of Games of Thrones:”

How are there so many characters on this show?!

CuteOverload captures Mango’s dinner:

I’m afraid something very bad happened right after that picture was taken.

WSWCM reveals their weekend plans:

I think this goes for weekday plans, too.

Dulce Candy shows how to “Earn Your Stripes:”

It’s jailbird-chic.

Summer Plans? – Links from the Blogads Network

If you’re wondering how to fill the upcoming, hot summer days, these bloggers from around the Blogads network have some suggestions:

WSWCM shows how to appropriately show your vacation envy in the office:

You should probably deactivate your Facebook and Instagram accounts starting now to avoid the impending influx of soul-crushing vacation pics.

Comediva reveals “How to Get Lucky at a Wedding:”

Fail-proof guide for any summer weddings that you’ll be attending.

The Pintester announces The Pintester Movement:

You, too, can revel in the joy of failing at Pinterest DIYs.

LadyGunn reviews upcoming album releases this month:

This summer is definitely calling for some fresh tunes.

Apocalypstick provides the Patrick Batemen American Psycho workout routine:

I’m feeling beach-ready already. Now, someone pass me the guac.

Raindrops on Roses and Whiskers on Kittens – Links from the Blogads Network

Here are a some of my highly subjective and biased fav posts from this week from around the Blogads network:

Betches Loves This ring in the new Bachelorette season with their first recap:

I practically tune in purely for these recaps. Practically.


I’m usually the friend initiating the dragging away.

Pinterest Fail displays an attempt at baking a polka dot cake:

That was a bold pin to try out to begin with, and should serve as a lesson on ambition.

Tom and Lorenzo feature pics from Debbie Harry‘s layout in Vogue Spain:

The story preceding the photos in this post is evidence of why I need to be best friends with T&L. In due time, fellas.

Dlisted introduces us to Prancercizing with Joanna Rohrback:

Prancercizing looks closely related to an attacking goose around the 2:10 mark.

LOL – Links from the Blogads Network

Nothing makes a week drag slower than the expectation of an upcoming long holiday weekend. To help make today go by just a little bit faster, here are some LOL-worthy posts from around the Blogads network:

Lamebook shares a Facebook user’s lesson of the day:

Brittney, our education system has failed you.

IMBOYCRAZY bestows life lessons in the latest “Blind Leading the Blind” post:

Always entertaining and practical.

DogShaming puts Cargo the Sock Thief on blast:

What an adorable, little jerk!

CuteOverload features a cat trap video:

Is the owner who set the trap new to cats? The last thing they’d ever go for is an actual cat toy.

WSWCM illustrates the well known lunchtime dance:

Seriously, the dance helps speed up the cooking time.

Hello, Goodbye – Links from the Blogads Network

There are more endings and new beginnings this time of year than just graduations and the start of summer vacations. These bloggers are celebrating much more:

The Pintester rolled out a new site design:

Not a fail.

Betches Love This share the “Betchiest Lessons from The Office:”

Tuning in for tonight’s series finale is a necessity, as is telling inappropriate jokes.

WSWCM puts an end to the summer diet:

Over it.

Possessionista highlights some notable outfits from the upcoming Bachelorette season:

Sequins are a Bachelorette franchise must.

The first Blog Workshop conference takes place this weekend:

The event is hosted by the blogger of Your Life After 25 and will feature speakers from Blogads.

Fashion’s Punk Prom Night – Links from the Blogads Network

New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art’s spring exhibition, “Punk: Chaos to Couture,” inspired some pretty interesting fashion interpretations at this year’s Met Gala, and bloggers from around the Blogads network covered all of the must-see highlights:

Tom and Lorenzo provide a one-stop shop with Part 1 and Part 2 of their coverage:

There’s lots of individual reviews posted on the site, too. Say goodbye to your productivity for the rest of the day.

Betches Love This run down their favorite fashion moments of the night:

Sienna really did look CAF. Jelly.

Design Seeds features a new palette for Abstract Tones:

Possibly inspired by Nicole Richie’s Met Gala hair?

Immaculate Infatuation lets you search for reviews of restaurants nearby the Met:

Good to know for next time you’re invited to the event! One day…

According to Dlisted, not everyone was a fan of the evening:

The GOOP translation is the afternoon treat I needed.

Can you believe it’s already the eve of 2016?

We helped execute some of the first ads of the 2016 campaign last week. These ads, run by EMILY’s List on Feministing, were promoting the potential Presidential candidacy of Hillary Clinton (or some other woman.)

Turns out some Tea Party groups are running ads too, albeit against a potential 2016 candidate.

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