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Last Unofficial Week of Summer- Links from the Blogads Network

by Paige Wilcox
Tuesday, August 28th, 2012

The countdown for getting in some prime, last-minute white pants-wearing has begun. Before celebrating Labor Day just yet, take a few moments to appreciate the season with these summer-inspired posts from around the Blogads network:

Immaculate Infatuation Instagram Challenge: #Still Summer
Enter the foodie contest by taking pics of delicious, seasonal dishes on Instagram. Don’t forget to tag photos with #stillsummer and @immaculateinfat.

Trailer Addict – Summer Must-Sees
If you’re still deciding what movies to go to this weekend, check out previews for what’s already in theaters as well as what’s soon to come!

Tom and Lorenzo – Gal on the Street
If you missed out on any of this year’s summer styles, get caught up with these highlights.

Mr. Kate – DIY Swiss Braids Hair Tutorial
Kate helps you beat the heat with this chic, braided up-do.

Turntable Kitchen – The August 2012 Mix
Send summer off right with this awesome August soundtrack.

photo by flickr user {Charlotte.Morrall}

Barometer: GOP Convention, Swing Voters, Ron Paul’s silence

by kaley
Monday, August 27th, 2012

Welcome to the second post in our Barometer series, helping you gauge the atmosphere in the political blogosphere on Day 1 of the RNC.

Right Wing News – GOP Convention: No Suspense, Little Drama, Lots of Show
Take a peek at Tampa and the history of party conventions.

Democratic underground – Ron Paul Declines a Speaking Spot at GOP Convention
Were Romney’s speech conditions too restrictive for the libertarian candidate?

The Volokh Conspiracy – Why It’s Likely to be a Close Election Decided by Ignorant Swing Voters
Explore just how much the state of the economy may influence the presidential election.

News Hounds – The One Thing Romney Wants You to Take Away From His Convention Speech
Romney tells Fox News what he hopes to achieve in Thursday’s acceptance speech.

Photos from: Donkey HoteyGeorge E. NorkusCollege Degrees 360

Back to School Reading- Links from the Blogads Network

by Paige Wilcox
Tuesday, August 21st, 2012

Lots of students are heading back to school right about now. In light of all of the new binders and fresh optimism that mark this time of year, here’s some light reading for all from around the Blogads network:

IMBOYCRAZY the blind leading the blind (pat 93)
Alexi passes along some “funny, because it’s true” life lessons.

Pintester – Nostril-Mouth Speakers
Teaching us How-Not-To make DIY speakers out of your face.

#WhatShouldWeCallMe – When my teacher assigns homework for the first day of school
Starting the year off strong. Nailed it.

Betches Love This – Betches love this college: Cornell University
Calling all Cornell freshmen: here’s your Spark Notes guide for the year.

GalaDarling – Join Us at the Blogcademy in New York City!
Headmistress Gala Darling is cohosting this blogger weekend retreat in October.

photo by flickr user Horia Varlan


Barometer: ‘Legitimate Rape,’ Trump, Newsweek, and more

by kaley
Friday, August 17th, 2012

Welcome to the first post in our Barometer series, where we help you gauge the atmosphere in the political blogosphere, 7 days before the RNC.

ThinkProgress – Growing Number of Conservatives Call on Akin to Resign after ‘Legitimate rape’ Comments
Because the female body doesn’t have ways to “try to shut that whole thing down.”

Outside the Beltway – Donald Trump Gets ‘Surprise’ Convention Role
Will The Donald’s presence be a boom or bust for the GOP?

Wonkette – Hero Election Officials in Ohio Save Voting Process from Black People
Republican party chair wants to remove early voting accommodations for urbanites.

The mag’s controversial cover tells Obama to “hit the road.”

Newsflash! Liberal and conservative blog readers clash on taxes

by Henry Copeland
Thursday, August 16th, 2012


With the economy and election looming, presidential hopeful Mitt Romney’s tax plan and personal taxes are under discussion.

Our most recent survey of blog readers shows that readers of liberal blogs are nearly three times more likely than conservative readers to believe that wealthier individuals should be taxed at a higher percentage rate than others.

The survey also showed that while liberal readers are also three times more likely to believe that Mitt Romney should definitely release his personal taxes to the public, fully  28% of readers of conservative blog readers think Romney should release his taxes, versus the Internet average of 54%.

Posts about our prior survey results are here, here, here, here, and here.

The numbers come from surveys conducted between March and June on well known political blogs including ThinkProgress, Political Wire, Wonkette, Drudge Retort, Right Wing News, Althouse, Outside the Beltway, News Hounds, Pandagon, Linkiest, Wizbang, Viral Footage, Informed Comment, The Agonist, Jack and Jill Politics, Yid With Lid, Burnt Orange Report, Chicago Boyz, NoisyRoom, The Steel Deal, MyDD and damnum absque injuria.

Many of these blogs are members of Liberal Blog Advertising Network (LBAN) and the Conservative Blog Advertising Network (CBAN).

If you’re a blogger and would like to see how your readers compare to the readers in this study, send us a note to data@blogads.com.


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