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Newsflash! Liberal and conservative blog readers clash on taxes


With the economy and election looming, presidential hopeful Mitt Romney’s tax plan and personal taxes are under discussion.

Our most recent survey of blog readers shows that readers of liberal blogs are nearly three times more likely than conservative readers to believe that wealthier individuals should be taxed at a higher percentage rate than others.

The survey also showed that while liberal readers are also three times more likely to believe that Mitt Romney should definitely release his personal taxes to the public, fully  28% of readers of conservative blog readers think Romney should release his taxes, versus the Internet average of 54%.

Posts about our prior survey results are here, here, here, here, and here.

The numbers come from surveys conducted between March and June on well known political blogs including ThinkProgress, Political Wire, Wonkette, Drudge Retort, Right Wing News, Althouse, Outside the Beltway, News Hounds, Pandagon, Linkiest, Wizbang, Viral Footage, Informed Comment, The Agonist, Jack and Jill Politics, Yid With Lid, Burnt Orange Report, Chicago Boyz, NoisyRoom, The Steel Deal, MyDD and damnum absque injuria.

Many of these blogs are members of Liberal Blog Advertising Network (LBAN) and the Conservative Blog Advertising Network (CBAN).

If you’re a blogger and would like to see how your readers compare to the readers in this study, send us a note to


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