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The bottom line on Henry Blodget’s Business Insider

by Henry Copeland
Thursday, April 11th, 2013

Buried inside Ken Auletta’s recent New Yorker profile of Henry Blodget, there’s an ex-ray of the skeleton of Business Insider‘s P&L.

Six years on, the site projects $9.3 million in ad revenues for 2013. (Update: Henry B. wrote overnight that this figure was for 2012; I guess Auletta was interviewing Henry B in 2012, and their fabled fact checkers didn’t adjust the “this year” in Blodget’s quote.)

“That’s tiny. Ad rates are low. It’s tough to monetize,” says Blodget.

According to Comscore, BI has 9 million monthly US readers. (24 million global according to Google Analytics.) The rest of BI’s revenues (projected to total $11 million in 2013) come from conferences.

Anyone know how many editorial, sales and/or tech staff BI has these days? (Update: overnight Henry B. writes “~100.”)

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