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OK, let’s negotiate

by Henry Copeland
Wednesday, October 9th, 2013

Over beers at Steel String Brewery in Carrboro tonight, my friend Michael Batuzich came on fire.

“Here’s what Barack Obama should be saying to the Republican members of Congress who want to ‘negotiate.’

You want to negotiate? Sure, let’s negotiate. Here’s what our side wants.

First, give us the $10.10 minimum wage.

Next, give us immigration reform.

And give us food stamps.

Give us our judicial nominees.

Give us campaign finance reform.

Give us single payer health insurance.

Give us Glass Steagall.

And acknowledge climate change.

Finally, shimmy to the top of the Washington monument and shout three times: ‘the Democrats are the majority party, having won the majority of votes in the House, Senate and Presidency in the last election!’

Let’s put all those things on the table, and we’ll be happy to negotiate.”


Can you believe it’s already the eve of 2016?

by Henry Copeland
Monday, May 6th, 2013

We helped execute some of the first ads of the 2016 campaign last week. These ads, run by EMILY’s List on Feministing, were promoting the potential Presidential candidacy of Hillary Clinton (or some other woman.)

Turns out some Tea Party groups are running ads too, albeit against a potential 2016 candidate.

Veteran’s Day Highlights – Barometer

by kaley
Tuesday, November 13th, 2012

Welcome to the thirteenth post in our Barometer series, reflecting on Veteran’s Day with the military blogosphere.

Blackfive – Unit Mottos
In the comments section, servicemen share their favorite mottoes, from “Character makes the man” to “Keep up the fire!”

Welcome Home Blog – U.S. Soldier Video-Chats with Kids, Then Shows Up in Person to Surprise Them
Beware, this military homecoming video will tug at your heartstrings.

Castle Argghhh! – Veteran’s Day 2012
This staple milblog honors living veterans with a collection of cartoons and anecdotes.

Photo from: Green River Community College

President Romney, Conservative Bloggers, Voter Suppression and more – Barometer

by kaley
Tuesday, November 6th, 2012

Welcome to the twelfth post in our Barometer series, helping you gauge the atmosphere in the political blogosphere on Election Day.

Informed Comment – Top Ten Coming Disasters: Romney’s America 2016
Juan Cole explores what America will look like 4 years from now with President Romney, from vouchers to voter suppression.

Right Wing News – Polling Conservative Bloggers on the 2012 Election
RWN’s survey of 63 conservative bloggers shows 92.6% are voting for Romney and 87.9% believe he’ll win the election.

Plunderbund – [exclusive] “Vote at Home” Suppression Scheme Uncovered
Know your canvassers- don’t be duped into “voting” remotely today!

Powerline – “Conservativism is Calling”
This “America Rising”-esque video has become Powerline’s most-read and most-viewed post of all time.

Photos from: Gage Skidmore, Donkey Hotey

Voting Pressure, Hurricane Sandy, the Homosexual Agenda and more – Barometer

by kaley
Tuesday, October 30th, 2012

Welcome to the eleventh post in our Barometer series, helping you gauge the atmosphere in the political blogosphere just 1 week before election day.

The Volokh Conspiracy – Employers’ Urging Employees to Vote a Particular Way, and Warning of Dangers if a Particular Candidate is Elected
You can’t be fired based on your vote, but may your employer try to persuade you to vote a certain way? Volokh takes a legal look.

Think Progress – How House Republicans Would Make it Harder to Provide Hurricane Relief
In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, Aviva Shen contemplates Republican-proposed spending cuts for emergencies and privatizing FEMA.

Outside the Beltway- The Race Might Not Be Over on November 6th
Recounts, provisional ballots and an electoral-college tie threaten to drag out final election results.

The New Civil Rights Movement – Hurricane Sandy: Minister Blames Gays and ‘Pro-Homosexual’ Romney and Obama
Says Christian minister John P. McTernan: God is systematically destroying America due to the candidates’ homosexual agenda.

Photos from: seanmcmenemy, NASA Goddard Photo and Video, torbakhopper

Poll conflicts, George McGovern, Foreign Policy and more – Barometer

by kaley
Monday, October 22nd, 2012

Welcome to the tenth post in our Barometer series, helping you gauge the atmosphere in the political blogosphere just 2 weeks before election day.

Electoral Vote – Dueling Polls are in Deep Conflict
Gallup’s election poll shows a much wider margin than the Wall Street Journal and others- this blog’s map algorithm will show you averages by state.

Althouse – George McGovern has Died
The ’72 Democratic presidential nominee, North Dakota representative and senator died this weekend at the age of 90.

Balloon Juice – Tonight’s Debate
Foreign policy takes center stage in tonight’s third and final presidential debate. Balloon Juice’s live blog begins at 8:30, with the main event at 9.

Patterico’s Pontifications – Topics for Tonight’s Foreign Policy Debate
An outline of opportunities Governor Romney (and potential landmines for President Obama).

Photos from: Martin Bamford, silbigread, borkur.net

Global Warming, Candy Crowley, Debate #2 and more – Barometer

by kaley
Monday, October 15th, 2012

Welcome to the ninth post in our Barometer series, helping you gauge the atmosphere in the political blogosphere just 3 weeks before the election.

Q and O Online Magazine – Global Warming Appears to Have Stopped 16 Years Ago
New data may push climate change to the front of the election agenda.

Taylor Marsh – Scandal Erupts as Candy Crowley Reveals She Might Go Rogue
The Obama and Romney camps want tomorrow night’s moderator to play a limited role in the town-hall style debate, but will the CNN correspondent play along?

The Lonely Conservative – Photographer Believes Racist Romney T-Shirt Was Photo-Shopped
“Put the white back in the White House” shirt goes viral, but some say it’s a hoax.

Democratic Underground- Obama Camp Tips Hand on Debate
Obama to take a Biden-style approach, aggressively going after Bain, the $5 trillion tax cut and women’s healthcare.

Photos from: Kevin M. Gill, DonkeyHotey, Don Relyea

Barometer: Fox News, VP Debate, Foreign Policy and more

by kaley
Wednesday, October 10th, 2012

Welcome to the eighth post in our Barometer series, helping you gauge the atmosphere in the political blogosphere 4 weeks before the election.

Wonkette – Fox News Starting to Get a Wee Bit Cocky
That election forecast is looking mighty red.

Powerline – Previewing the Vice Presidential Debate
The Biden-Ryan debate isn’t likely to sway the election, but is likely to provide some entertaining TV. Catch it Thursday at 9pm EST.

Truthdig – Romney’s Foreign Policy a Puzzle that Doesn’t Fit Together
Columnist William Pfaff suggests that Romney’s policy swings are rooted in a lack of understanding rather than strategy.

Yid with Lid – Bias? Obama Attended VP Debate Moderator’s Wedding
While Harvard Law peers, Obama attended Martha Raddatz’s first wedding. Will she be a fair moderator?

Photos from: mroach, Gage Skidmore, DVIDSHUB

Barometer: FL Voter Scandal, Univision, Debate #1 and more

by kaley
Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012

Welcome to the seventh post in our Barometer series, helping you gauge the atmosphere in the political blogosphere 5 weeks before the election.

The Minority Report – New Poll: Americans Believe Gov’t Spending Doing More Harm Than Good
Poll shows that “likely voters” think federal spending is making the American economy worse.

The Brad Blog – Nationwide GOP Voter Registration Fraud Scandal Widens, Becomes Criminal Matter in Florida
Is FL the only state affected by potentially fraudulent forms?

Right Wing News – Univision Special Exposes More Gun Walking Programs
A detailed look at the deadly Operation Fast and Furious, and why it’s receiving little media attention.

Taylor Marsh – Debate Week, Romney’s Chances are “Slim”
Tune in to the first presidential debate this Wednesday at 9pm to see if Romney can turn the election momentum in his direction.

Photos from: perpetualplumqnr, Ars Skeptica

Barometer: Emmy’s, Romney, Voter Registration and more

by kaley
Tuesday, September 25th, 2012

Welcome to the sixth post in our Barometer series, helping you gauge the atmosphere in the political blogosphere 6 weeks before the election.

Think Progress – Why Homeland Deserved to Dominate the Emmy’s
The political drama beat out heavyweights like Mad Men, Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones.

Outside the Beltway – Was Mitt Romney the Best Candidate the GOP had this Year?
Recent Romney gaffes have many conservatives re-thinking Bachmann, Cain, Huntsman, and other hopefuls.

Electablog – National Voter Registration Day: Amplify Your Vote
Haven’t gotten around to updating your address? Have friends dragging their feet? C’mon, register today!

Right Wing News – 7 Incredible Personal Stories About Mitt Romney That You May Not Know
Think you have Mitt Romney pegged? These anecdotes might sway your perception.

Photos from: itupictures, Austen Hufford, Vox Efx

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