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OK, let’s negotiate

Over beers at Steel String Brewery in Carrboro tonight, my friend Michael Batuzich came on fire.

“Here’s what Barack Obama should be saying to the Republican members of Congress who want to ‘negotiate.’

You want to negotiate? Sure, let’s negotiate. Here’s what our side wants.

First, give us the $10.10 minimum wage.

Next, give us immigration reform.

And give us food stamps.

Give us our judicial nominees.

Give us campaign finance reform.

Give us single payer health insurance.

Give us Glass Steagall.

And acknowledge climate change.

Finally, shimmy to the top of the Washington monument and shout three times: ‘the Democrats are the majority party, having won the majority of votes in the House, Senate and Presidency in the last election!’

Let’s put all those things on the table, and we’ll be happy to negotiate.”


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