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Five things Internet Week can do better next year

by Nick Faber
Thursday, May 3rd, 2012

“We saved 8 slots. Make one yours.” So reads the “Make The Stage” submission page for Internet Week NY, the annual “festival celebrating NYC’s thriving Internet industry & community.” In addition to content programmed by IWNY, the festival also includes eight panels created by the community, or so the page suggests. (more…)

Internet Week: Vote for Blogads.com’s panels!

by Nick Faber
Tuesday, April 10th, 2012

Internet Week New York is just over a month away and we’ve submitted three panels that feature a healthy mix of bloggers, designers, social entrepreneurs and Blogads own innovators.

Anyone with an email address can vote for the IWNY panels they’d like to see at next month’s event, and there are only two days left to do so. Whether or not you plan on attending the festival, we would love to get your vote on the following panels:


Twitter diplomacy from opposing conferences in Minneapolis #nn11 #ro11

by Nick Faber
Tuesday, June 21st, 2011

Last weekend, Minneapolis hosted dueling conferences for online political activists. Netroots Nation, the progressive conference, was held at the Minneapolis Convention Center, while RightOnline, its conservative counterpart was just a couple blocks away at the Hilton. While the short distance was enough to keep the orange lanyards separated from the green, a quick twitter search of the conferences’ hashtags (#nn11 & #ro11) shows that some partygoers were as interested in each other’s conference as their own.

Unfortunately, much of the Tweetage is negative – from both sides. There are tweets about crashing and disrupting each other’s conferences, about whose speakers were better, who had smarter attendees, which conference was better attended….

But if you sift through the combative and the contentious, you’ll find some peacemakers in the stream, tweeting across the aisles, seeking common ground in Minneapolis, including one from an unlikely source.

From airport on way home, very much enjoying reading #NN11 and #RO11 threads. Meanwhile watching POTUS & Boehner golf together on TV.
Sally Kohn
Anyone else concerned the lame "glitter toss" at Bachmann at #ro11 will ignite revenge at #nn11? Lets keep things professional ppl #nn11lgbt
Scott Zumwalt
Seems there's more bipartisanship at #MSP than in DC or St. Paul. Maybe pols could learn from new media peeps. #RO11 #nn11 #tcot
Bridget Sutton


Earthy exhibitors stand out in Netroots Nation hall

by Nick Faber
Thursday, June 16th, 2011

If the exhibition hall at SXSW was all about spectacle, the exhibitors in Netroots Nation are here to talk about substance. Here are two of the most substantive booths I found on the first day of Netroots Nation 2011. And their substance? The Earth.

Coal River Mountain Watch
CRMW is a grassroots organization based in southern West Virginia as an opponent to mountaintop removal. The Welch family, kids pictured here, talk about the cause with passion and eloquence, and have plenty of visual aids to support their organization, including coal-shaped soap. Tomorrow, the film “The Last Mountain,” which examines the battle over Coal River Mountain, will be screened at NN.

Yards to Gardens
Founded in Minneapolis, Yards to Gardens connects gardeners looking for space with people with extra gardening room in their yards. As you can see in their Google map overlay, the program has really taken off in Minneapolis, and is now spreading to San Francisco and New York. At the booth, the greenest in the whole hall, you can make your own seed bombs, pictured above.

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