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Internet Week: Vote for’s panels!

Internet Week New York is just over a month away and we’ve submitted three panels that feature a healthy mix of bloggers, designers, social entrepreneurs and Blogads own innovators.

Anyone with an email address can vote for the IWNY panels they’d like to see at next month’s event, and there are only two days left to do so. Whether or not you plan on attending the festival, we would love to get your vote on the following panels:

DIY Bride: Can anyone be a wedding planner?
So you’re not J.Lo, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t be a wedding planner! Some brides are riding out the recession to wait for their big day, but others are turning to thrifty tactics so they can still have their wedding cake and eat it, too. With the overwhelming array of internet tools at their fingertips, ranging from inspiration on Pinterest, to discounted dresses from, to craft tips from Etsy, they’re turning to blogger-mavens like Style Me Pretty and OnceWed to curate the chaos. Together these blogger-mavens and ambitious DIY brides are revolutionizing the $86 billion wedding industry. Join Blogads and friends as they discuss the implications these new tools have on this rapidly changing industry.

#MillionHoodies: From Tweets to the Streets
Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are quickly changing the face of activism. Outraged by the murder of 17 year-old Trayvon Martin, these platforms helped spark the MillionHoodies movement– resulting in over 300K pictures posted, protests around the country, numerous celebrity advocates and a petition with over 2 million supporters. We’ll examine the tools, techniques and philosophies used to take rage and pixels and convert them into lasting action with Daniel Maree, creator of a Million Hoodies for Trayvon Martin.

Democratization Of Design: Are Consumers Haute Or Not?
With the rise of sharing platforms like Pinterest and Polyvore, consumers are no longer just following trends, they’re influencing them. Not only has the internet provided people with the power to create and share inspiration boards, but platforms like Kickstarter and Etsy have empowered them to drum up support to actually make their design ambitions a reality. Design and craft bloggers are imperative to curate the chaos caused by this industry revolution and new source of information overload, and they dictate the design trends of tomorrow. As bloggers expose consumers to the best new design tools, tips, and available funding sources, they empower consumers to create their own goods, while simultaneously helping those consumers rise to fame by promoting the next big (consumer created!) thing. Join Blogads and friends as they discuss the future by exploring how these influentials are able to find what’s cool in this explosion of consumer generated content.

Thanks for your support, and we’ll see you in New York!

bride photo via flickr user madprime

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