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Barometer: FL Voter Scandal, Univision, Debate #1 and more

Welcome to the seventh post in our Barometer series, helping you gauge the atmosphere in the political blogosphere 5 weeks before the election.

The Minority Report – New Poll: Americans Believe Gov’t Spending Doing More Harm Than Good
Poll shows that “likely voters” think federal spending is making the American economy worse.

The Brad Blog – Nationwide GOP Voter Registration Fraud Scandal Widens, Becomes Criminal Matter in Florida
Is FL the only state affected by potentially fraudulent forms?

Right Wing News – Univision Special Exposes More Gun Walking Programs
A detailed look at the deadly Operation Fast and Furious, and why it’s receiving little media attention.

Taylor Marsh – Debate Week, Romney’s Chances are “Slim”
Tune in to the first presidential debate this Wednesday at 9pm to see if Romney can turn the election momentum in his direction.

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