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East Coast agencies to watch — that aren’t based in New York, part 3: Atlanta

Atlanta — “The Big Peach,” “Hotlanta,” “ATL” — is a straight shot down 85 from our headquarters in Carrboro, NC. It’s the home of multinational corporations like Coca-Cola, Turner, Delta, and UPS, and it’s one of the fastest growing cities in the South. So it’s no surprise that the “New York of the South” has so many great advertising agencies, pumping some of the best campaigns on the East Coast.

Today, in the final installment of our series, we look at the work of four Atlanta-based agencies that made it to iMedia’s East Coast Agencies to Watch list, and which are not headquartered in New York City. (Part 1 | Part 2)

IQ – US Department of Energy “Lose the Excuse”

IQ has a penchant for fun videos and kick-ass web sites. For the “Lost Your Excuse” campaign, the US Department of Energy got both. Along with partner-agency Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, IQ built a media-rich offbeat site that shows kids how easy it is to save energy. Check out Baron Davis’s hilarious cameo in the “Malcolm” video. Makes you wanna change your light bulbs, doesn’t he?

22squared- Red Brick Brewing “Beer From Around Here”

How do you make an amazing advertising campaign for a local brewery that doesn’t have an amazing advertising budget? You make the packaging the ads.

22squared played up to the sense of pride that comes with living in the “New South” with the “Beer from Around Here” campaign for Red Brick Brewing, which is distributed exclusively in the Southeast. Check out this case study video to see how 22squared set Red Brick apart from beer made where people say “you all.”

THINK Interactive, Inc. – Nutro “Know Your Small Breed”

So you want a dog that’s loyal and playful, clever yet obedient. Why, that sounds like the Japanese Chin. How do I know? I used Nutro’s “Know Your Small Breed” tool, developed by Atlanta agency THINK inc. Because “it’s fun to market to dog parents,” Nutro let THINK have a lot of fun with their site and strategy, including an app that lets you tell your  Facebook friends what breed of dog you wish they were.

image via thinkinc.com

three squared – The Weather Channel “Extreme Weather Driving Challenge”

image via threesquared.com

Most people only take driver’s ed once. Over time, it’s easy forget some skills, like which direction to turn your wheel in a fishtail. So three squared, along with client The Weather Channel, developed an interactive quiz, complete with high-quality videos, that tests your knowledge of driving safety, and also reminds you the skills you may have forgotten. Quick, which direction do you turn your wheel when you’re fishtailing? Don’t remember? Take the quiz.

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