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10 Google Plus circles suggestions for sorting your randos

Has friending your mom changed your Facebook habits? Then Google+ is the social network for you. Rather than dumping all of your friends into one list, Google+ allows you to sort your contacts into circles. So, for instance, you can share all of your sweet beer-bong highlights with your “drinking buddies” circle, while posting prayer requests to your “church friends” circle.

For now, the user base of Google+ is fairly small, and full of technorati and the like. But one day, if Google+ reaches the critical mass of Facebook, you’re going to have to figure out where to put your mom and all of the other random characters of your life.

Need help sorting your contact list? Try these circles, and the types of updates you should be giving each one:

Frenemies Even though these people seem to bring out the worst in you, they really like you and keep adding you to all of their social networks. Links to posts about annoying internet behavior that your frenemies exhibit, like this.
Co-workers that I don’t feel comfortable complaining about work to Sometimes you need to vent via social media, but if the wrong person reads an anti-work update, you could get fired. “No matter what anyone says, I really love the new cubicle arrangement. I feel so productive without windows to distract me.”
My Mom Nothing like a post from your mom to stop an inside-joke-laden thread dead in its tracks. Give mom her own threads. “Anyone know a delicious chicken casserole recipe?”
Suspected Bimbots A beautiful gal or guy adds you to his or her circle. You’re flattered, but something tells you they’re a data-mining robot. “I am enjoying this meal at this restaurant in this town I live in.”
Exes You were dating when you got on Google+, and your ex ended up in your friends circle. When you post pics of yourself with your new beau, your ex creepily +1’s all of them! [No posts in this circle! They already have your heart, isn’t that enough?]
Small Dog Owners We get it. Your dog can fit in your purse. Photos of cats
New Parents Does your stream have baby fever? “Man, kayaking and hiking was so much fun today! I love my free time!”
Family I pretend I’m not related to Just because you’re related doesn’t mean you’re friends. But you can only ignore your cousin’s invite for so long. “Same old, same old, nothing interesting going on here. I am totally stable.”
That guy from the bar You “bumped” iphones with this guy when he asked for your number and now he’s got your email address, too. “My boyfriend and I are watching our favorite movie tonight, LAST TANGO IN PARIS.”
We possibly took seventh grade biology together Yes you “know” this person, but they don’t really know you anymore and can offer no insight on your social media musings. Photos of other people’s babies.


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