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East Coast agencies to watch — that aren’t based in New York, part 2

We’ve dug into iMedia’s East Coast Agencies to Watch to find the best ad work outside of New York. In part 1, we looked at great campaigns from agencies in Washington, DC and Boston. Today, we avoid 95 altogether to check out two of New England’s top agencies.

Humongo (Danbury, CT) – ECKO UNLTD. “Indie for Life”

You may already know Humongo’s founder Darryl Ohrt for his industry blog brandflakesforbreakfast. Ecko turned to Darryl’s shop to get fans excited about its UNLTD watches this year. The campaign, “Indie for Life,” includes an incentive-heavy Facebook page with a series of live video interviews with indie entrepreneurs called ‘The Marc Ecko Time Chamber.'” The first interview is with “indie time-changer” Tony Hsieh, founder of Zappos.com.

Mullen (Boston, MA)

Mullen, whose motto is “advertising unbound,” finds itself in industry headlines so often you might assume they’re in New York. The quirky Boston agency made then news earlier this year when Barnes & Noble hired them to reinvent the bookseller for the digital age, and more recently for the latest work they’ve done for Zappos, which features nude women in public places.

Tanzina Vega wrote in the New York Times that Zappos is hoping its customers will notice the QR codes (not pictured in mock-up above), which turns the women in the ads into virtual paper dolls:

When scanned by a smartphone, the codes will take the phone user to a mobile site featuring fictional videos of what happens to the naked women in the ads. Users can also select outfits for the model to wear and can enter the Zappos mobile site to buy the items on the smartphone.

Today you can find a naked man running around Yahoo!

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