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East Coast agencies to watch — that aren’t based in New York, part 1

In sports, they call it East Coast Bias. It’s the extra weight and attention teams on the East Coast get in sports coverage. But as east-coasters who aren’t in New York, we know that “East Coast” bias is really “New York bias.”

When iMedia released its list of 25 East Coast Agencies to Watch, nearly half of the honorees were in New York, and another quarter of them were based in the Midwest. So we thought it would nice to shed some light on the rest of the list, our fellow-east coasters who are working on some great stuff outside of the Big Apple.

In the first of three installments, we take 95 from Boston to DC, bypassing New York City on the way. OK, we cut through the Bronx.

Arnold Worldwide (Boston) – Jack Daniels “Independence”

This beautiful mini-doc is just one of four prongs of Arnold’s “Independence” campaign, which focuses on Jack Daniel’s independent spirt craftsmanship. In addition to this video is a TV spot called “As American As,” which likens Jack to many other great American innovations, a set of 10 original letterpress posters from Yee-Haw Industries, and a Facebook app that allows you to consume and share everything but the Whiskey itself.

As Dabitch sees it, this All-American campaign is all about love: “Forget the latest digital hype, some things are made with love the same way they were made so many years ago.”

Carousel30 (Washington, DC) – International Year of Forests

The United Nations declared 2011 the International Year of Forests. The National Association of State Foresters (NASF) tapped DC-based agency Carousel30, who had previously worked on the Nature Conservancy’s “Don’t Move the Firewood” campaign, to build the US site and spread the message across social media channels. While the message is serious, the campaign carries a positive message, “Celebrate Forests. Celebrate Life.”  Thanks to Carousel30, getting involved with this great cause is “as simple as 1, 2, tree.”

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