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Wendi Deng, Twitter folk hero

In case you haven’t heard yet, Rupert Murdoch’s wife smacked the hell out of a would-be pie thrower at her husband’s Parliamentary hearing today.

Once the foam settled, and the hearings resumed, the slap’s aftershock continued to ripple through Twitter, like a lede-burying folk tune:

Rupert Murdoch can recover all losses from this scandal by having 20th Century Fox remake Fist of Fury starring Wendi Deng.
Joel Stein
"Wendi Deng just became Wendi DAAAAAAAAAAANG." - @ #letthememesbegin
Jenna Wortham

well, one thing is for sure: wendi deng is pretty bad ass.
Brian Morrissey

My respect for Wendi Deng just gone through the roof #hackgate
Claire Phipps
Full marks to Wendi Deng - quick as a cat.
Charles Arthur
Breaking News: Putin hires Wendi Deng as Head of Security. "No one ever suspects a little Chinese lady in pink"
Holly Valance
Watched replays. Right slap not left hook by Wendi Deng. Still better than anything David Haye managed landed on Klitschko
Kevin Maguire
I was at a party with Wendi Deng in LA a few months ago. I pity the pie-tosser in eye-scratching-out distance of that woman.
Xeni Jardin
Wendi Deng just got so "you are not the father" up in that hearing
Nico Muhly
if only Wendi Deng could use her powers for good... Why, I'll bet she could clean up the Gotham City that is Britain.
Marina Hyde
I don't know about y'all, but I'd pay money to watch Wendi Deng in a bar fight.
Carolina A. Miranda
BREAKING: Wendi Deng Murdoch now confirmed as SEAL Team shooter of Osama bin Laden.
J.R. McGrail
If nothing else, Wendi Deng's left hook proves: You do NOT want to mess w/a Chinese lady w/her dander up. #justsayin
Can Wendi Deng be my wife too? Then I wouldn't need all these pesky body guards! #murdoch
Poonam Mantha
I Don't care about Haye v Klitschko i want to see Wendi Deng v Klitschko ... great right hook! #enquiry #notw
Lee Wise
Wendi deng teaches us all...its all in the palm!
Wild Kentucky Nights
Bout to unlock Wendi Deng in Mortal Kombat
Tristan Thomas

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