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Chipotle and Willie Nelson do right by ad bloggers

by Nick Faber
Thursday, September 1st, 2011

It takes a really great ad to impress the advertising blogerati, who see and opine about every ad in every medium. Chipotle has a real winner on its hands with its “Back to the Start” video, which will soon be airing in US movie theaters. Here’s what 8 bloggers who have seen the best and worst our industry has to offer, think about the spot:

Darryl Ohrt, Brandflakes for Breakfast:

This new ad for Chipotle is beautiful. Or as beautiful as you could ever make the act of harvesting animals for food.


David Burn, AdPulp:

Chipotle is committed to sustainable farming. Willie Nelson is committed to sustainable farming. So it makes sense to feature Nelson covering Coldplay in this new stop-motion animated short film called “Back to the Start” that depicts a farmer’s journey to sustainable farming.



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