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Chipotle and Willie Nelson do right by ad bloggers

It takes a really great ad to impress the advertising blogerati, who see and opine about every ad in every medium. Chipotle has a real winner on its hands with its “Back to the Start” video, which will soon be airing in US movie theaters. Here’s what 8 bloggers who have seen the best and worst our industry has to offer, think about the spot:

Darryl Ohrt, Brandflakes for Breakfast:

This new ad for Chipotle is beautiful. Or as beautiful as you could ever make the act of harvesting animals for food.


David Burn, AdPulp:

Chipotle is committed to sustainable farming. Willie Nelson is committed to sustainable farming. So it makes sense to feature Nelson covering Coldplay in this new stop-motion animated short film called “Back to the Start” that depicts a farmer’s journey to sustainable farming.


The Denver Egotist:

We’ve been hard on the work that BSSP and the internal team have done for Chipotle over the last several years because, frankly, it’s been pretty dismal for a Colorado brand that we quite like. This ad puts them on the road to recovery.


Gabriel Beltrone, AdFreak:

Willie Nelson wants you to stop drugging your pigs and smashing them into compact, easily shippable pork cubes. So does Chipotle. So, the country icon and champion of family farms covered Coldplay’s hit “The Scientist” for this two-minute-plus pseudo-PSA, commissioned by the sourcing-conscious burrito chain.

MB Quirk, The Consumerist:

In a combination we never would’ve thought would be so likable, Chipotle has enlisted the help of Willie Nelson covering a Coldplay song to make an animated piece that is anti-factory farming.


Morgan Clendaniel, Fast Company:

The refrain–“I’m going back to the start”–is meant to evoke Chipotle’s desire to take American farming to a healthier, more natural place. It’s amazingly animated by Johnny Kelly.


SylviaG, Great-Ads:

What do you get when you combine Willie Nelson, Coldplay’s song “The Scientist” and the Chipotle Mexican Grill? A captivating animated ad supporting sustainable farming.


Steve Hall, AdRants:

It’s beautiful and all. But we still kill pigs and eat them.

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