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Burger King really wants the world to love its food.

Have you seen this yet?

Ogilvy Brasil made this spot for Burger King in Brazil, starring MMA champ and all-around bad-ass Anderson “The Spider” Silva. It’s been viewed on YouTube over 1.3 million times in the last week, and advertising blogs are loving it, too, for the most part. The Denver Egotist says the King has lost its edge in the US, but not abroad: “We’re not suggesting this should be replicated here in the US, but it’s interesting that the previous vibe is still alive abroad.”

The BK Brazil spot is especially hilarious for MMA fans, as Adverblog‘s Martina Zavagno points out: “If you have ever seen this guy fight you will be laughing when you watch this.”

SylviaG, on the Great Ads blog, thinks BK is FUBAR: “Sorry BK not even this can save you.”

But there’s something missing in all of the reviews and comments I’ve read. Don’t Americans already find lovin’ BK easy? Remember this 1998 commercial?

Seeing this spot as a teenager was the first time I’d heard Minne Riperton’s smash hit, “Lovin’ You,” and to this day, I still associate the song with Burger King.

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