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5 Blogs doing Facebook Fan Pages right

image by Sean MacEntee

A kick-ass Facebook page is a great supplement for any blog looking to increase site traffic and ultimately make more money blogging. Here are 5 bloggers that are making Facebook work for them.

A couple of these pages feature a fancy HTML landing page. We know that not everyone has a developer or designer on staff, so we’ll also focus on how the pages are used once readers get past the landing page.

1. Methodshop.com (Facebook page)

  • – Regularly chooses interesting Facebook fan as for a “Superfan” interview and to be featured in Methodshop’s profile pic
  • – Asks questions when posting links to content, encouraging fan interaction and clicks
  • – Interacts with other Facebook pages, comments on and “likes” other pages’ posts

2. Trailer Addict (Facebook page)

  • – Simple HTML landing page keeps with aesthetic and humor of blog, and tells you what you’ll get if you like Trailer Addict on Facebook
  • – Responds to fan comments on Facebook posts
  • – Publishes tweets to Facebook page using Involver

3. Web Urbanist (Facebook page)

  • – Allows readers to invite friends to “like” the Web Urbanist Facebook page directly from the landing page
  • – Adds playful and relevant descriptions to content links, which encourages readers to write their own comments

4. Gawker (Facebook page)

  • – Highly-designed landing page links out to other Gawker content and to fan pages for individual contributors
  • – Posts new content to wall using Allin1social
  • – Posts interesting blog graphics as photos with links to Gawker.com stories, which drives traffic to the blog, and keeps the Facebook page’s photostrip fresh

5. Nerd Approved (Facebook page)

  • – Landing page lets you know what you’ll get when you “like” Nerd Approved on Facebook
  • – Offers exclusive content, like photos and contests, to Facebook fans
  • – Feeds blog posts to Facebook using¬†RSS Graffiti

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