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Featured Bloggers: Jenn Walters and Erin Whitehead of Fit Bottomed Girls

Fit Bottomed Girls is a one-stop shop for getting healthy.  Bloggers Jenn Walters and Erin Whitehead cover topics including  motivation, nutrition, exercise, fitness equipment/accessories and even workout playlist recommendations! They’re the fun, friendly fit experts we’ve always wanted and now can have thanks to their site! In addition to their blog, keep up with their fitness news on Facebook and Twitter.


Fit Bottomed Girls Founders Jenn Walters and Erin Whitehead

Q: When and why did you start blogging?

A: Erin Whitehead and I created Fit Bottomed Girls almost three and a half years ago, when we set out to help women realize that working out could actually be fun — and make your life totally awesome. We love to blog about fitness, obviously, but also a lot about body image, nutrition and really anything that we think will improve our readers’ lives. From creating workout music playlists to reviewing workout DVDs and fitness products to sharing healthy recipes, we like to get readers motivated to be healthy in any way we can. A little more than a year ago, we launched www.FitBottomedMamas.com to bring that same message to motherhood.

Q: How do you think your blog stands out amongst other health blogs?

A: There are a lot of fabulous blogs out there. We think ours stands out at first because of its name (gotta love Queen references!), but then it hooks people in because it’s objective, honest, down-to-earth and real. We tell it like it is with any review we do, and we are quite public about our own struggles and triumphs with working out and eating healthy. With some humor, sass and a conversational tone, we’ve heard readers say that reading Fit Bottomed Girls is like talking to their funny best friend who knows a thing or two about fitness. Best compliment, ever.

Q: What does your family think of your blogging?

A: Erin and my husbands are super supportive. My husband Ryan has even written a few posts for us for our annual Fit Bottomed Dude’s week. And although they weren’t clear on what blogging really was three years ago, now my parents and even my grandmothers are down with FBG. One of my grandmothers even rocks an FBG sticker on her car and wears a shirt with “Fit Bottomed Girl” on it.

Q: What blogs do you read?

A: I could spend all day just reading blogs. Dooce and Go Fug Yourself are two of my faves. As are FitSugar, Diets in Review, Healthy Tipping Point, Carrots N’ Cake and Shape magazine’s blogs.

Q: How much time daily do you spend blogging?

A: FBG is all I do besides freelance writing, so a minimum of four hours a day. And usually I’ll work on FBG on the weekends, too. A true labor of love!

Q: How many times have you redesigned your blog since it started?

A: We’ve had just one major redesign, although we’re tweaking things almost all the time it seems. Gotta keep up with all the cool new design stuff out there!

Q: How much do you correspond one-on-one with readers?

A: We read every single comment, respond regularly and Tweet and Facebook with readers every single day. We also almost always email readers back when they contact us — on average we get about an email every day.

Q: What joys did you not expect when you started blogging?  What pains?

A: I don’t think Erin and I realized just how many opportunities and experiences we’d have from blogging. Starting FBG took me from working a full-time job in a cube to working for myself and writing for Shape magazine’s website, among other online publications. It’s also allowed us to travel to places we probably wouldn’t normally go. And, from a fitness perspective, I probably never would have run two half marathons and a full marathon if it wasn’t for FBG. On the flip side of all that, I don’t think that Erin and I realized just how much hard work and how many hours would go into something as “simple” as a blog. In the end, it’s all worth it though because we know we’re actually making a difference.

Q: What’s something your readers don’t know about you?

A: Gosh, they know so much. I don’t think I’ve ever told them I’m an only child…I like to think I don’t fit the stereotype. 😉

Q: What’s your personal favorite blog post?

A: Hardest question ever! We recently did a series of posts on our “Fitness Truths” that sparked great discussion with readers. It was really empowering, so I’ll go with that.

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