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Creepy Facebook Connect film is not a sinister marketing ploy — or is it?

The creep stalks Team Blogads.

The director of Take This Lollipop is just having a little fun, folks. Just in time for Halloween, TV director Jason Zada has created a very creeptastic interactive film about a Facebook stalker — and YOU.

The production of the video is so slick that you’d think it was a buzz marketing campaign for a movie or video game. But Zada’s intentions are purer than those of the video’s slimy stalker, played by Bill Oberst, Jr. “I just love Halloween, and got the idea about a month ago and decided to shoot it,” Zada told the New York Times.

Take This Lollipop may not be peddling anything that you can buy, but it is certainly great advertising for Zada himself. In the site’s first 24 hours online, over 300,000 Facebook users have volunteered to be stalked. And here’s what the top advertising and marketing blogs are saying Zada and his project:

Fast Company: “Although Halloween is still two weeks away, it’s doubtful that anyone concerned with privacy in the digital era will see anything more frightening before then.” – Joe Berkowitz

brandchannel: “Even if it’s intended as a cyber spook house, and a bit of harmless Halloween fun, it’s also serving as a privacy PSA of sorts and a warning to Facebook users, giving Lollipop-lickers the jitters.” – Sheila Shayon

brandflakesforbreakfast: “It’s pretty cool in the creepiest way possible. It’ll make you rethink stalking friends, acquaintances, or exes, and you may want to delete your account – er, deactivate and just hide it for a while.”- Kristien Del Ferraro

Adverblog: “This clever Facebook integration will have you fumbling for the ‘log out’ button pretty quickly.”

The Next Web: “Your photos, location and friends are all displayed, making you aware of what you willingly share on your Facebook account.” – Matt Brian

Wanna create your own creepy ads? Let zombies teach you how to make killer Blogads.

Take This Lollipop, an experience that asks for permission to access your Facebook data, then shows a very grubby man—played by Bill Oberst Jr.—leering at your online pics. One of the better uses of Facebook Connect.

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