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Does any brand love Halloween more than Kraft?

Kraft is wants you to associate its brands with Halloween. Which is funny because they don’t make a whole lot that you can toss into a kid’s pillowcase. “Ew, cheese!”

Nabisco may have its orange-cream Oreos, but nobody puts snacks in Halloween costumes better than Kraft.

JELL-O Brain Mold

Gelatin molds are back, baby, and Kraft wants to make sure yours is a JELL-O brand mold. From now until Halloween, you can order a JELL-O brain mold for free (plus S&H). The mold comes with an 8-page recipe book complete with ghoulish brain recipes.


Kool-Aid Scary Blackberry Ghoul-Aid

Boo! It’s blackish purplish Kool-Aid! Scaaaary! Want to watch people on the Internet make and drink Ghoul-Aid? You have not one but two chances to do so. At least. With fans like these, who needs ads?


Jet-Puffed Pumpkin SpiceMallows

You might night consider this autumnal snack to be Halloween-specific. But don’t tell that to this costumed candy reviewer:

Cadbury Screme Egg

Fear not! These eggs are rotten. Cadbury has simply replaced its pseudo-realistic egg filling with green and white cream! Spooky! Actually, I would have loved to have found one of these in my Halloween sack when I was a kid.

And Kraft even steps beyond the ghastly realm of prepackaged goods with the Halloween recipe center, where eyeball pudding cups are just the appetizers.

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