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Featured Blogger: Andye of Reading Teen

by Paige Wilcox
Thursday, November 3rd, 2011


Reading Teen blogger Andye is a true lover of reading and the Young Adult genre. Andye is accompanied by a handful of other contributors, all varying in age, to review books for teens and parents looking for the best YA recommendations. Make sure to check out their site for great giveaways in addition to finding your next page-turner!

Reading Teen Blogger Andye

Q: When and why did you start blogging?

A: I started blogging in February of 2010.  I began blogging to reach people about the Web site I had started (Parentalbookreviews.com).  I had been reading Young Adult books for awhile, and parents were always asking, “Is this book suitable for my child?”  I saw a need to provide information, and a blog was the best way to spread the word.  Since then, it’s grown into something much more than just a content site.

Q: How do you think your blog stands out amongst other book blogs?

A: Firstly, we provide a service that has been very useful for parents, teens and surprisingly many other bloggers who ask us to read certain books so they can decide if it is suitable for them/their child.  Secondly, there are six of us, all at different ages, blogging together, so we reach a wide audience.  We have a 50-year-old grandmother, two 30-somethings moms, two teen girls and a teen boy who each have a specific day that we write.  We also do a lot of audiobook reviews, which seems to be another things we’ve become known for. (more…)

Bloggers: Win new advertisers with discount codes

by Nick Faber
Thursday, November 3rd, 2011

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Chrysler really loves hip-hop

by Nick Faber
Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011

Chrysler’s Born of Fire ad, starring rapper Eminem, was an instant hit with car and hip-hop enthusiasts a like. The new 300 features speakers from Beats by Dre, lending even more hip-hop cred to Chrysler, and the commercial for it, which premiered during the NBA Finals, stars Eminem’s mentor and label-mate Dr. Dre.

Chrysler, the smallest of the Big Three, may be carving out its own niche with hip-hop aficionados. After Eminem spot premiered in February, the automaker had its best monthly sales total in three years.

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