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Mad Men in Austin: 6 awesome SXSW-specific sites made by ad agencies

Once again, the ad world has come to SXSW Interactive — over 1800 strong by our count. In addition to the networking and learning opportunities that abound in Austin, several agencies are using the trip to showcase some of their creative talent on the web.

Here are six awesome sites that allow you to meet up with, stalk or live vicariously through agency folks on the ground in Austin.

1. Saatchi & Saatchi LA in SXSW

Saatchi & Saatchi pulls in the Foursquare and Instagram feeds of its crew of 29, and updates its lovely site in real-time as they see new things and go new places. You can also see a grid of who made the trip from LA, and learn more about their mind-blowing panels.

2 & 3. GSD&M – SXSurrogates and SXSurvival

Couldn’t make it to SXSW this year? No problem, Austin-based GSD&M is here. With SXSurrogates, you can pick your team of SXSW ambassadors who will attend panels and tweet from Texas for you.

And if you are in Austin this year, but aren’t sure where to eat or what cool stuff to check out while you’re here, GSD&M has also put together a Pinterest-based site, SXSurvival, which pulls together a few of their favorite things for you to enjoy.

4. Ogilvy Notes

Fan of visual notetaking? Or maybe you just like really good drawings. In any case, Ogilvy has returned to SXSW with an “army of artists” to take visual notes from a select number of Film and Interactive panels. You can even pick up limited edition prints at their space in the Convention Center.

5. Huge Inc


Brooklyn’s HUGE is back at SXSW with a brand new, classically provocative tote bag. They’ve got a simple and elegant site that makes it easy for you to get in touch with HUGE folks in Texas, see them speak at a panel and, hey, maybe ask for a tote bag.

6. The Barbarian Group – I Know a Place

A nice mix of slick UX and useful information makes the Barbarian Group’s SXSW site a must-use for first-timers at SXSW, or those who haven’t dared to stray too far from the Convention Center.

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