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Blogads stands with local startups against NC Amendment One

New companies are always popping in North Carolina, or moving here and thriving on the diverse, talented and highly educated workforce found in the state’s urban centers. But on May 8, North Carolinians will vote on an a constitutional amendment that would harm many of our talented citizens, as well as our state’s reputation as a entrepreneurial hotbed.

The amendment, known as “Amendment One,” seeks to define marriage between a man and a women as the only legal civil union recognized in the state. This harmful law denies basic rights to same-sex couples, and threatens the health care, homes and families of their children. And because of its specific wording, it also threatens the protections of families and couples in other forms relationships, like civil unions and domestic partnerships.

We’ve added our name to a list of NC Startups that are taking a stand against Amendment One, along with a statement from Blogads CEO, Henry Copeland:

Tobacco, furniture and textiles are dead. Modern economies depend on large pools of talented people, free-flowing ideas, diversity and tolerance… all things that are diminished if Amendment 1 passes.

The state of North Carolina is diverse indeed, and we like it that way. The town in which we work was recently recognized as America’s Most Tolerant City. As of now, North Carolina is the only southern state without a marriage amendment. And it is our hope that the spirit of progress, diversity and tolerance that brought so many us to North Carolina in the first place prevails next Tuesday.

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