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Conservative blog readers say country is moving in wrong direction


In a recent survey, conservative blog readers were 2.8x as likely to say the country is moving in the wrong direction than their liberal counterparts.

On linchpin issues of illegal immigration and increased government spending, conservatives are more likely to be “very concerned” than liberal blog readers.

As the Obama administration tries to take ownership of the term “Obamacare,” 20% of conservative respondents say they are “not at all concerned” about healthcare, compared to 5% of liberals. In response to the same question, 80% of liberals said they were “very concerned” about healthcare, compared to 55% of conservatives.

Posts about prior survey results are here and here.

The number come from surveys conducted between March and June on well known political blogs including ThinkProgress, Political WireWonketteDrudge RetortRight Wing NewsAlthouse, Outside the BeltwayNews HoundsPandagonLinkiest, WizbangViral FootageInformed CommentThe AgonistJack and Jill PoliticsYid With LidBurnt Orange ReportChicago BoyzNoisyRoomThe Steel DealMyDD and damnum absque injuria.

Many of these blogs are members of Liberal Blog Advertising Network (LBAN) and the Conservative Blog Advertising Network (CBAN).

If you’re a blogger and would like to see how your readers compare to the readers in this study, send us a note to

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