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Design Inspiration – Links from the Blogads Network

If you’re in a design rut and looking for some ideas for your office, home or crafts, we’ve got you covered.  Take notes from some of the aesthetically-gifted trendsetters from around the Blogads network:

InhabitatCinderella-Inspired Pumpkin Room Transforms edg Creatives into Fairytale Brainstormers
I don’t remember Cinderella necessarily doing her best thinking in the pumpkin carriage (ie- should have planned a better exit strategy for later that evening), but creative office rooms seem like a great way to invigorate creative thinking!

The Graphics Fairy – Vintage Clip Art: Marvelous Pocket Watch
Consistently serving up different clip art ideas for your next craft or project, here’s one of the latest features inspired by steampunk.

Curbly – How To: Cheater Chalkboard Art
If you want to jazz up your walls and love artsy chalkboard typography, this is a great cheat-sheet for how to get it.

Design-Seeds – Color Sprig
Having trouble deciding which colors go best together? This a beautiful and soothing color palette.

Mr. Kate – DIY Whiteboard Wall
Terrific idea for an office space or kids’ room! Just add a moon-bounce floor, and we’re in business.

photo by flickr user Rilind Hoxha

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