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The bubble in articles about whether there’s a bubble

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Yesterday, Digiday’s editor-in-chief Brian Morrissey quipped about the ongoing tech-bubble debate:

there's definitely a bubble in articles about whether there's a bubble.
Brian Morrissey

We did a little research, and joking or not, Morrissey is 100% right. Below is a timeline of 40 articles about this year’s tech-bubble – that we might or might not be in the middle of.

I’m not sure what’s most amusing about these articles: the sheer number of conflicting findings, the creative choices of images used to illustrate a “bubble”, or the dearth of headline writers quoting MacBeth.

1/7/2011: “Talk of a new bubble hides the truth about tech” – The Globe and Mail

1/11/2011: “Tech Bubble: 5 Reasons Why This Time It’s Different” – Fast Company

1/19/2011: “Social Network Frenzy Signals Another Tech Bubble” – InformationWeek

2/17/2011: “Y Combinator founder: There is no tech bubble” – VentureBeat

2/18/2011: “Mark Cuban: the ‘tech bubble’ is really a Ponzi scheme” – Econsultancy

3/1/2011: “Twitter, Digg investor Mike Maples: Yes, there is a tech bubble” – Reuters

3/16/2011: “Is a new tech bubble starting to grow?” – USA Today

3/24/2011: “Bubble Trouble? I Don’t Think So” – Ben Horowitz

3/27/2011: “Investing Like It’s 1999″ – NY Times Dealbook

3/28/2011: “Investors Wary of Tech Bubble 2.0″ – Time Techland

4/1/2011: “Tech Bubble 2.0: A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy?” – Fast Company

4/8/2011: “The BBC struggles with concept of ‘tech bubble'” – The Register

4/14/2011: “This Tech Bubble Is Different” – Businessweek

4/24/2011: “We’re In The Middle Of A Terrible Blubble!” – TechCrunch

4/26/2011: “Is the Second Tech Bubble Burst Nigh?” – AdWeek

5/4/2011: “There is no big Silicon Valley tech bubble, says VC king” – The Register

5/19/2011: “Red-Hot LinkedIn IPO Heats Up Tech Bubble Talk” – Wired

5/20/2011: “Global CIO: Modest Salaries Offer Tech Bubble Reality Check” – InformationWeek

5/23/2011: “LinkedIn IPO: is this a tech bubble?” – The Telegraph

5/29/2011: “Cody Willard: If it’s a tech bubble, I’m buying it” – MarketWatch

6/3/2011: “Groupon: The IPO of the Century or Bubble Bursting?” – Beacon Equity Research

6/7/2011: “Thiel: Tech Bubble? What Tech Bubble?” – The New York Times

6/10/2011: “Infographic: Startup Bubble 2.0?” – The Atlantic

6/15/2011: “Will Pandora’s mellow IPO put fears of a tech bubble to rest?” – VentureBeat

6/15/2011: “The Next Tech Bubble: Don’t Get Fooled Again” – The Huffington Post

6/20/2011: “Tech bubble? Or a new Web 3.0 boom?” – VatorNews

6/21/2011: “What Tech Bubble?” – Forbes

6/22/2011: “AOL CEO Tim Armstrong: Please Let Me in the Bubble” – SF Weekly

6/26/2011: “The Incredible Sinking Bubble” – Business Insider

6/27/2011: “Debate of the Day: Is There a Tech Bubble?” – The Wall Street Journal

7/1/2011: “The tech bubble is coming. Prepare yourself.” – The Washington Post

7/2/2011: “Did Someone Say Tech Bubble?” – The Wall Street Journal

7/5/2011: “Is the dot-com bubble back?” – Maclean’s

7/5/2011: “Is Twitter helping to inflate the tech bubble?” – GigaOM

7/7/2011: “Bubble? What Bubble?” – The New York Times

7/9/2011: “Eric Schmidt: You Don’t Know It’s A Bubble Until The Bubble Ends” – TechCrunch

7/11/2011: “The Case for Celebrating a Social Media Tech Bubble” – The Atlantic Wire

7/11/2011: “Don’t call it the next tech bubble – yet” – CNN Money

7/11/2011: “Bubble bubble, are VCs in trouble?” – GigaOM


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