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Panel Picker 2012: Vote for our Bloggers’ SXSW panels.

photo by Dave Delaney

The bloggers in our network are an active and impassioned bunch. It was no surprise to us that several of them have proposed panels for South by Southwest 2012.

It goes without saying that we highly recommend voting for these panels:

1. Monetizing Mommy

Featured blogger: Catherine Connors, Her Bad Mother

From the description: “Turns out, mommy’s become something of a cash cow these days. From bestselling books to six figure brand partnership deals, she’s raking it in – and she’s worked hard to deserve it.”

Best question to be answered: “Are Mom Blogs really viable career opportunities for passionate women?”

photo by katie allison granju

2. Servers & Amps: How Indie music powers start-ups

Featured blogger: Craig “Dodge” Lile, My Old Kentucky Blog

From the description:“[I]s it possible that all the startup kids care about is their Rock n’ Roll? This panel will explore whether an active Indie rock scene is an essential ingredient to incubating a vibrant start-up scene as well as what role local government and businesses should have, if any, in fostering a local music scene.”

Best question to be answered: What are the parallels between a great music town and a great start-up town?

photo by John Vanderslice

3. How to Raise Awareness through Blogger Outreach

Featured blogger: Debbie Bookstaber, Mamanista

From the description: “Emotion drives action. This session will address how bloggers can lend their voices to raise awareness about a cause, help with fundraising or spread the word about a campaign.”

Best question to be answered: “What drives awareness, participation or conversion?”


Featured blogger: Heather Browne, I AM FUEL, YOU ARE FRIENDS

From the description: “In the age of machines, is the human dead? Are machines and algorithms destined to be our guides for music discovery or is there still a need for the knowledgable, passionate, quirky but unpredictable human?”

Best question to be answered: Can human curated content survive and scale?

photo by Lori W

5. HOW TO: Turd Polish Your VOB & Make it Amazeballs

Featured blogger: John Accarino, HOW TO: Turd Polish Your VOB & Make it Amazeballs

From the description: “There’s a fine line between using a fire hose to spray corporate marketing messages all over the socialsphere and developing an authentic two-way dialog with your community across multiple platforms. ”

Best question to be answered: How effective is your social VOB (voice of brand)?

MethodShop Blogger Jon Accarrino

Bonus: Don’t forget to check out the panels my colleagues are pitching! Megan Mitzel has a panel of book publishers, marketers, and journalists chomping at the bit to talk about the corralation between e-readers and the bankrupcy of Borders. Just check out the comments section of “Did e-readers cause Borders’ demise?” Blogads boss Henry Copeland wants to read your mind, and he’ll teach you how to do it in his panel “Learning to Read Minds.” That’s not a metaphor, folks. He’s talking about actual mind-reading.

Voting ends September 2.

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