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According to these Panel Picker proposals, everything is dead.

photo by Doug Shick

One sure way to stand out from the 3200 proposals in SXSWi 2012’s Panel Picker is with a catchy title. With so many bold, provocative and timely titles vying for the votes of their peers, there are bound to be recurring memes. For March’s Interactive conference, 14 panels are proclaiming something to be dead. Either that is a very popular turn of phrase, or a lot of technology trends died this year (long live these technology trends).

  1. Big media is dead. Why niche websites will rule.
  2. TV is Dead. Video Advertising is Alive & Well
  3. Television is Dead. Long Live Television.
  4. Crowdsourcing is dead —> Enter Friendsourcing
  5. The Creative team is dead. Casting the right team
  6. The Landline is Dead. Long Live the Landline!
  7. Blogging is Dead – 2012 Edition
  8. Friending is Dead: Now what?
  9. Banner is Dead: How Brands Can Innovate Online
  10. Data Vis is Dead, Long Live Data Vis!
  11. Your Social Media Job is Dead. Now What?
  12. Journalism is dead. Long live journalism!
  13. Social Gaming Is Dead, Long Live Social Gaming
  14. The web is dead, long live the web



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