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Trash Talk: Ad journos are not nuts for new pistachio commercials

Wonderful Pistachios have added Kloe and Lamar and The Winklevoss Twins to a series of commercials staring an already-strange assortment of pop culture personalities,  such as Snooki, Angry Birds, Wee Man and more puns than you can stomach.

Here’s what 7 journalists and bloggers have to say about the latest “Wonderful pistachio ads.”

AdFreak: “Let’s call an advertising moratorium on any campaign that stars a Kardashian. Please?” – T.L. Stanley

copyranter: “Now: also note that with a cheap short spot like this, there had to be many, many takes to choose from. And THIS was the best one.”

All Things D: “You think that if you just shove a couple Web-friendly characters into your ads for pistachios (pistachios?) that time-strapped bloggers will dutifully click over to YouTube, grab the embed codes and slap up a post, don’t you? Geniuses!” – Peter Kafka

Mogulite: “In one of the campaign’s ads, the two brothers, who once claimed Facebook was their idea, sit, in suits (of course), and well…crack a pistachio. It’s nothing too exciting, but the whole country’s about to see it.” – Hillary Reinsberg

The San Francisco Egotist: “While these aren’t the worst things on TV, they just don’t excite us very much. Kind of like pistachios.”

New York Observer: “A million pistachio nuts is cool. You know what’s really cool? A billion pistachio nuts. Which they now clearly have access to.” – Foster Kamer

Sodahead: “Either the Winklevoss twins really like pistachios, or they need money bad.”

On a interesting side note, 6 of the 21 videos listed by WonderfulPistachios are currently private. According to Market Watch, those might feature: Kermit the Frog, The Honey Badger, and everyone’s favorite members of the popular zeitgeist, a priest, a rabbi and a minister at a bar.

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