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Placement guide for standard Blogads units

So you’ve decided to make money blogging with Awesome! One of the most frequently asked questions we get from new bloggers is where to place Blogads code to attract the most advertisers.

Here’s our guide to Blogads code placement, from optimal to not-at-all optimal.

Optimal: Top Left

This is the perfect spot for Blogads! Readers tend to scan a page from left to right, top to bottom, and placing your Blogads at the top of your leftmost column will maximize your reader’s engagement with the ads, and make your blog more desirable to advertisers.

Less Optimal: Right Column, Non-Contiguous

Placing your ad code at the top of a column, or “above the fold,” is always going to be better than hiding your ads lower on the page. The top placement in the right column is going to look good to advertisers, and having a second placement below it will give advertisers on a budget a cheaper option. But if you look closely at this example, the Blogads aren’t the leftmost ads on the page. When scanning left to right, the between-posts remnant ads come before the Blogads, which may make the Blogads less valuable to advertisers.

Suboptimal: Not Leftmost

Like we saw in the previous example, placing a remnant ad further left than your Blogads can seriously devalue the Blogads. Sure, the Blogads are at the top of their column, but readers (and advertisers!) are sure to see the ugly pay-per-click ad first. Blogads are designed to integrate neatly into your blog, and into the conversations your blog is sparking. Please, don’t let remnant ads “one-up” your Blogads like this.

Not-At-All Optimal: Not Topmost

Hopefully it’s obvious by now why this is the worst placement. Blogads’ advertisers are paying to be on your blog specifically, while remnant advertisers are playing the keyword lottery. Don’t gamble with this type of placement. Give the Blogads’ advertisers the premium position they’re paying for.

Have any more question about ad placement? Check out more ad placement examples, or shoot an email to blog-tech[at]

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