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How do you market high-calorie food? Challenge your customers to eat it.

The Stars of the DSRL

Are you familiar with the DSRL? It’s a marketing team of superstar athletes, comprised of Venus Williams, Eli Manning, Shaquille O’Neal, and Apollo Ohno. And what are they selling? Not Gatorade. Not athletic gear. Not even shoes. They’re selling Oreos. And they can lick the icing out of an Oreo cookie faster than you can.

Here are four food campaigns that dare you to eat. A lot.

1. Nabisco: Triple Double Oreo

Yo dawg, we heard you liked Oreos, so we put an Oreo in your Oreo so you can eat an Oreo while you eat your Oreo.

The Challenge: You’ve licked all of the sugar cream from a Double Stuf, and you’re ready for the next challenge! “Are you game?”

Calories: 100 – per cookie!


2. Burger King: BK Stacker

This “epic” burger is more than just a burger. It’s a really, really big burger.

The Challenge: You’re brave if you can eat  the double stacker, but why stop there? This “ballsy” poster thinks you can do better. (Seriously, ballsy?)

Calories: 1,000 for the Quad, which is no longer on the menu, but we hear you can still order it.


3. Taco Bell: Volcano Nachos

Some call it benign masochism. It’s the pleasure we get from eating ridiculously hot things, and it’s unique to humans.

The Challenge: These nachos are only for the brave. And if you’re brave enough to eat them, you too might end up sounding like Sam Elliott. Sometimes you eat the nachos, and sometimes, well, the nachos eat you.

Calories: 980, perfect for Fourthmeal!


4. KFC: Double Down

You’re the man, now, Colonel!

The Challenge: Still eating those puny chicken sandwiches? You know, the ones with buns! Man up, let the voice change you’ve been putting off happen, and grab some fried chicken-bread.

Calories: 610. (Grams of fat: 37). Hey, not too bad. Unless you dare to make it a combo!

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