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Featured Blogger: Jessica Colaluca of Design Seeds

Jessica Colaluca is a true lover of colors. On her blog, Design-Seeds.com, Jessica sees the inspirational details in photography.  Along with posting photos with a great use of color, Jessica offers her fans the color palette swatches that make up the dynamic photos.  Design Seeds is the perfect breeding ground for cultivating design creativity!

Blogger Jessica Colaluca of Design Seeds

Q: When and why did you start blogging?

A: I started blogging in May 2009…Design Seeds is my first blog and a complete passion project.

Q: How do you think your blog stands out amongst other design blogs?

A: Design Seeds are for any sort of creative inspiration…I have received feedback on the many ways people are inspired by Design Seeds beyond design. One of the most powerful comments I received was from a reader who said they were moved by color in the same way many are moved by music.  Those sorts of comments and emails are humbling, and I am grateful for the opportunity to share my approach to color and inspiration.

The goal of Design Seeds has always been to provide original content, which is also another way the Design Seeds blog is set apart from many other design blogs.

Q: What do your family and friends think of your blogging?

A: Although friends and family know I blog, the concept of Design Seeds is a bit abstract and not something I am defined by with those most close to me. Although it is my passion project and what I am most driven by, I don’t talk about it that often with friends. My family & friends know me for owning the design consultancy, and we don’t discuss my blogging generally.

Q: Do you read any blogs? If so, which ones?

A: I read Perez Hilton everyday (I have been an avid reader since he began). I enjoy the content, but I am also fascinated by what he has done for blogging with taking a niche to such a grand scale. He was my biggest influencer on getting the Design Seeds concept together (know your passion, focus the content to a niche subject, & post frequently). He is also why I chose to partner with BlogAds.

Q: Where do you find the images you use on your site?

A: I purchase the images to respect copyright and provide original content for my readers.  I keep my sources confidential so I can continue providing original content. I have more info on this and my process on the FAQ page of the blog.

Q: How much time daily do you spend blogging?

A: I post 4 inspiration/palettes a day…7 days a week…365 days a year.  Fresh content is important to me, as I want to ensure people can be inspired whether it is a weekend, workday, or holiday. If someone visits Design Seeds, they know there is new inspiration waiting for them. I work 20 – 40 hours a week on the blog.

Q: How do you personally use the color palettes that you feature on your site?

A: I use Design Seeds personally to set up a wardrobe palette for the season, or inspiration in decorating my home.  For clients I use them in a variety of ways. It can be as the foundation for a season’ color palette of a footwear collection, or the interior space of a vehicle. One of the most exciting things about Design Seeds for me is that I have always set up any project with an inspiration image and palette…so this is a genuine extension of what I naturally have done in my design process for over 17 years.

Q: How much do you correspond one-on-one with your blog followers?

A: Quite a bit.  Twitter is where I engage in conversations the most.  I LOVE twitter. Instagram is a new favorite. Design Seeds is also on Facebook. I use to have extensive conversations on the FB Page in the early days, but now FB is more a place people “like” to bring color into their FB feed and go to Twitter to actually connect in conversation.

Q: What joys did you not expect when you started Design Seeds?  What pains?

A: The joy is most definitely the surprise in how many people love color! I never dreamt as many people were captivated by color as I am. I am grateful to be able to share my point of view, and have it received. It also is personally exciting to see what a variety of ways people use the Design Seeds palettes. They use the inspiration in homedesign, graphic design, digital design, crafting, and wedding planning…I have even received emails from web designers and photographers who send clients to DesignSeeds as the first step in their process.  They have their select their inspiration to start a project or photo shoot.

The pains are some of the things that are common as blogs grow in success and reader base.  Unfortunately people don’t look at how to be inspired and find their unique voice, but try to tap a trend.  I also am bummed out by how copyright and attribution needs better understanding as the design blogging genre grows.

Q: What’s your personal favorite color palette that you’ve posted?

A: My favorite palette will continuously change, I am smitten with each one I create for different reasons.  Today my favorite is “mineral rocks.” I have been obsessed with minerals this past year. Mineral Rocks is a perfect transition palette for autumn, as well as a wonderful springboard for the home.


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